More Hints At Orange Box PS3 Patch


"Yep, Valve has finally broken its silence over the reportedly glitch-ridden Orange Box port to the Playstation 3, which has seen some of the most serene gamers embed their pad in the nearest wall in frustration.

It looks more likely when, in another thread over on Steam about The Orange Box's poor audio, a second Valve rep weighs in."

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solar4566d ago

valve is a PC game developer. they know all about patches, and hopefully Gabe is smart enough to figure out he has to help fix EA's lil mess up so ppl buy his game. i got the OB for PC and im loving it. TF:2 ftw!

Dark_Vendetta4566d ago

I've also bought it for the PC and I think this game was a little bit underrated. Everybody was talking about the GOTY but nearly nobody mentioned the orange Box. Every Ps3 owner who likes this genre should buy this game

sak5004566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

play way b3yond

tk4566d ago

So the basic code does not have features that the PS3 can take advantage of. When they add it, then all platforms including the PS3 can take advantage of it. How the optical connection code is going to improve the audio is a bit beyond me. If the audio is poor, then it is poor. Possibly for all platforms as it will be the same basis.

For the rest... not much of a hint here fellas. You don't just grab other peoples code and hack away. Especially if you are not focused on a platform like the PS3. Most probably just a bit of pressure. EA can most probably hire some more PS3 coders or outsource some of the improvements that they need.

bym051d4566d ago

What is the problem with the optical cable? I haven't heard of this one.

whoelse4566d ago

Hopefully they can patch up the terrible loading times compared to the 360 version!

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The story is too old to be commented.