New Bioshock Screens

UK gamespot has posted 28 images of Bioshock, and they do indeed look stunning! Gamespot posted the new screens as both Xbox 360, PC and PS3 screens. The only problem is that Irrational is yet to officially announce the game for PS3. However several large game sites and magazines (Spong, PSM, Gamespot) have all claimed in one way or another that the game is infact coming to PS3. So as long as Gamespot didn't accidentally put these new screens in the PS3 section we should get an official announcment from Irrational very soon.

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Islandkiwi5848d ago

The article should have been titled "New Bioshock Screens", as no announcement has been made, and you should have included the other formats.

That being said, you've got to appreciate how creepy this game wil likely be.

Solid Snake5848d ago

It clearely says PS3, whether or not it is remains to be seen, but it still says PS3!

TheMART5848d ago

Just as the pic's shown before under the PS3 section, these are taken from the 360.

Up till now nothing has been shown or proven. Could be that it comes to PS3, could be.

The website still says


crystallakekiller5848d ago (Edited 5848d ago )

we know its coming to ps3 someday....but these shots are the same as the 360!they dont have any ps3 screens....they use the 360's shots! i find these "news" funny!why post that?just wait when the real ps3 screens come out...and also wait for the game to be official for ps3!

FeralPhoenix5848d ago

I guess we'll have some sort of confirmation at TGS. If this is in fact true....thats great news for Sony because this game is going to be a creepy twisted sort of way! I can't wait to get a hold of this for my 360, but its good news for all gamers.

Solid Snake5848d ago

It's a beautifull looking game!

TheMART5848d ago

You just said something different elsewhere (in 360 part):

"As nice as the graphics look in this game, the gamesplay looks bad from what i seen, i only watched like 5 mins of a boring video, trust me nobody cares if this comes out on the PS3"

Strange guy you are Snaky

crystallakekiller5848d ago

i agree....i saw that comment...but now its a different story,because its probably coming to its not boring anymore! no credibility at all!!!

andy capps5848d ago

This game looks great regardless of what system it's on. But I think it's probably headed to PS3 as well based on the different listings at Gamespot, PSM, and Spong. I watched the whole 15 minute video that was posted last night. Very interesting and unique as far as the gameplay goes. Very creepy too. I really enjoyed the interactivity between the "big daddy" characters and the little girl (forget what she was called), as well as when you could influence the "big daddy" to attach the "slicer." Very unique. I enjoyed how long the demonstration was and how candid the developers seemed to be. This game seems very innovative, and in that aspect is reminding me of Half Life 2.

Solid Snake5848d ago (Edited 5848d ago )

No i said it looks beautifull, did not say it plays good, didin't i state that in the first post, this is a fanboy war and i'm fighting it!

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