Weird Storyline Showcase: Katamari Damacy and Drake's Fortune

The Wii PlayBox honors the weirdest storylines of gaming, beginning with Katamari Damacy and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Japanese and American respectively.

*spoiler alert*

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GCO Gamer4569d ago

Sorry i would approve your story but i can't=(

LJWooly4569d ago

I thought the 'twist' near the end of Drake's Fortune was great, it was completely unexpected, but it didn't go too far, or get too unbelieveable.

And the atmosphere in the Nazi bunker level is amazing, but not excessive. Quality game.

jackdoe4569d ago

The twist wasn't completely from left field. They were leading up to it so it wasn't completely strange like Katamari.

KingPenguin4569d ago

Well, I really wanted to include an American game in contrast to the Japanese one, and I wanted a recent game. Also, I don't think there was a whole lot of lead-up to the twist, besides the u-boat from nowhere that was in Panama. It's not like you can look back in the story and say "Oh, that was totally an obvious clue that the treasure would do that, yeah." But obviously, you all disagree. I think the next Weird Storyline Showcase is going to be Parappa the Rapper and Metal Gear Solid, by the way.