April 2012: 4 Games you do not want to miss

Every month brings in a new set of Video game titles to the market. With so much anticipated competition it is always good to compare upcoming game releases before deciding to buy any given game.

March went as quickly as expected and we are thus plunged into April filled to the brim with more of the video game goodness, though these 4 games definitely deserve a worthy mention so as to mark them on your wallet-hungry radar.

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geniusgamerdoc4214d ago

Definitely gotta Pre-order DISGAEA 3 for Vita and DMC HD Collection.

Is there even a remote possibility of a PS3 port of WITCHER 2 ?? The game looks stunning.

Godchild10204214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

I was going to hold out and wait to see if they announce a PS3 version, but I decided not to and pre-order the Dark edition for the 360. I pick up the PS3 version once/if it comes out.

Next month is look good for all platforms. I'll be picking up a game for each platform next month.

EDIT: To support the dev, to get the trophies and to experience the game on the platform I prefer. I did it with GTA IV, Prototype and saint's Row 2.

geniusgamerdoc4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

Why would you Purchase it again on the PS3 if it ever gets a release? Is it for TROPHIES..?

Hellsvacancy4214d ago

You bought Prototype TWICE? *holds gun to head and pulls the trigger*

Man i hated Prototype, worst game ive played this gen, and thats a fact (imo)

Arnon4214d ago

It's a fact that it's the worst game YOU'VE played this gen, but it's obviously subjective in retrospect. I mean, they're making a second one. It's obviously not that bad to the mass public.

ShinMaster4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

or wait for the eventual PS3 version.

[on topic]
I'll be getting Xenoblade.

Theo11304214d ago

I don't think it's coming to the ps3. That would require Cd Projeckt to hire ps3 programmers, at least with the 360 the programming was simple but the ps3 is another beast; especially for a dev that doesn't have any ps3 experience. Remember, they are not a huge dev studio, at this point they're planning Witcher 3.

Gaming1014213d ago

I couldn't care less about any of those shit games lol thank god they're all crap, I have wayyyy too much to do

EVILDEAD3604213d ago

Witcher 2 FTW...

Looks amazing..CD is the most passionate dev I've ever seen port of a PC game. They really put alot of time and care into the project.

Can't wait to see what all the fuss was about..game looks amazing


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fallacious4214d ago

How can it be a fact if it's your opinion?

Raf1k14214d ago

It's a fact that it's his opinion lol

StayStatic4213d ago

Definitely a face palm moment

Voxelman4214d ago

Seems unlikely at this point, the way that CDProjekt RED work it would take them another 6 months. And they need to ramp up production on their new game which are coming out in 2013/4. And another side project.

If they hadn't ruled out, outsourcing the port to another studio I would say definitely but I doubt they have the time and resources to do it ATM. Their future games will likely come to PS3 tho, if not the PS4.

ShinMaster4214d ago

Unlikely, but possible.
See Mass Effect 2 and BioShock.

Jason1434214d ago

the port on 360 isnt even close to pc. if you can afford it get it on pc. its just blows the consoles away

MostJadedGamer4213d ago

There is only 1 game worth playing in the next several months,

Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat- April 17

4213d ago
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peteonline4214d ago

Can't wait for The Witcher 2.

TooTall194214d ago

I want to play Witcher 2 more than any other RPG. I am waiting till I get a PC or it comes out for OnLive.

Convas4214d ago

Prototype 2 and The Witcher 2 for me, can't wait for both!

WetN00dle694213d ago

YEP!!! Same here!
The Witcher 2 and Prototype 2!

Laxman4213d ago

Im in the same boat as you guys. Ill just be grabbing Prototype and Witcher, im not too big on Japanese games. Will also be downloading the first ep of Walking Dead when that comes out.

pr0digyZA4214d ago

Cant wait for witcher 2 release so that I can get the update on PC and play it for the third time.

Voxelman4214d ago

Hell yea, it is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see the new ending stuff, as that was the only really disappointing aspect of the game for me, when it ended.

WitWolfy4213d ago

Witcher 2 will be my replacement for Mass Effect thats for sure.. At least I know here my choices actually matter

Baka-akaB4214d ago

Already got the witcher 2 on pc and can't wait for the free enhanced version .

DMC hd is a must have , and hold even more significance and symbolism now as a big phat "F off " to the upcoming DmC (imo) debacle .

I'm getting the vita in april , so Disgaea 3 is a strong possibility .

Other than that i'm ignoring prototype for sure and getting instead blazblue CS extend and anything i was late for between jan-mar