Pro Evolution Soccer gets more realistic with unofficial Xbox 360 patch

Konami may have abandoned PES 2008, but die hard fans have been working on adding more realism to the game with a new unofficial patch.

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lynx1halo4568d ago

when fans have to add their own patches to improve a game

Naruto4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

^^^^^ agreed

nirwanda4568d ago

the patch is for official kits with the correct sponsors etc not to fix a broken game or downgrade the graphics like konami had to do with the PS3 version

Rama262854568d ago

This is a patch to add official kits and names - things which Konami cannot include in the game due to licensing issues. This isn't a patch to improve gameplay, rather just appearance.

These are all over the internet for the PS3 version and I've even had one on my game for at least 3 weeks now.

DiLeCtioN4568d ago

pro is not a license game like fifa but fan made stuff are better especially the kits but none the less konami should be making an effort to sort online and the sponsors

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