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DarkSniper4038d ago

Dark Sniper is pleased to say he is part of what is the PlayStation revoluation in the year 2008.

Sony Computer Entertainment has done a marvelous job at ensuring what gamers are looking for when it comes to maximizing the entertainment value of PLAYSTATION® 3. Sony has completed the seemingly impossible task of creating worldwide awareness by implementing the ability to download any content anywhere, from any country.

The same cannot be said about the litte green dumpster juice that couldnt. It seems that operating their online network in one country is a difficult enough task in itself.


aba4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

and the sh*tstation network collapsed when all 20 of you were downloading E3 crap at once. But whatever, enjoy waiting b3yond for this demo as well, since it won't be seeing the U.S. anytime soon.

EDIT: You should show those 5 people with silver accounts the wonder that is the sh*tstation network. Maybe they'll buy PS3's.

DarkSniper4038d ago

Funny that you say that. As Dark Sniper recalls, hasnt Microsoft alienated the XBOX Live silver members from downloading demos upon release?

To be segregated like that is taking W A I T I N G B 3 Y O N D to a height of epic proportions.


Honeal2g4038d ago

dark sniper u wanna talk about segregation....$ony is the expert in that category and its one of the reason i didnt buy a ps3... they make all the sick games japan only for about a year before we can play those games and dont even bring up that region free $hit cause i;m not asian i dont speak japanese so its completely pointless unless theres something i dont know...i mean seriously i think i speak for alot of people when it comes to that aspect ..i love final fantasy but seriously why does everyone get shafted outside of that country? constant desrespect to america .... launch prices for the consoles was lower in japan.... multiple console color, games that sometimes dont even make it out of there country(not just ps3, psp, ps2, ps included) i recently bought a psp which i love but seriously the games that i really wanna buy are only out in japan and have been out since 05and 04 so i doubt they are gonna make it here tales series to be specific .... look at final fantasy 13 though i mean yea it probably will come out in 08 but i bet anything that America or anywhere else beside japan will see that game till 09 .... i actually take back my original comment i thinks its a developer thing not just sony ... but still my point is its gay and ur being a blatant hyprocrite with that "segregation" comment

heyheyhey4038d ago

im pretty interested in these random japanese fighting games so this looks pretty cool to me- i just hope they dont screw up the voice acting by hiring shoddy americans to do the voice work (no offence to america but your accent really spoils these cultural games) even better would to keep the japanese voice-work to preserve authenticity and just put in some subtitles so us english can follow the plot- that would be way better than some american dude running around going "hey dude i like totally stabbed that douchebag"

INehalemEXI4038d ago

happy , happy , joy, joy,

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