Gears story expanded with prequel

Gears Of War Pendulum Wars The Battle Of Aspho Fields, slated by book publisher Chapters for an August 26 2008 release, is the "first official prequel to the blockbuster new Xbox 360 game Gears of War" and "builds upon the characters back stories and gives eager fans their first in-depth look at some of the past events that shaped the games world".

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Dpa4565d ago

Gaming books are so sad tbh.

DarkShoud4565d ago

Well its good they do this because the story in GOW was kind of crappy. The ending on the train for example , why the f*ck was i on a train?!

Nevers4564d ago

GEARS did great with character development and gameplay, but lacked a fulfilling story. They remembered to put in the "middle" but didn't bother giving us a "beginning" or an "end". Pretty conceted for an IP.

... and EPIC pissed me off more by not releasing the extended gameplay to the community that made this title the blockbuster (console mover) that it was. Though from what I've heard the extra doesn't really add much and is actually a bit redundant.

I'm wondering if EPIC can even tell a fleshed out story since they're most famous title (UT series) barely includes one. I really hope so, as Gears despite the storytelling flaws was a great game to play...

lynx1halo4565d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

just keep milking it for all its worth .............
act NOW and you will recieve a Marcus Fenix bobble head.......and we'll throw in the General RAAM toaster for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cow moolester4565d ago

Because the train had the bomb and they knew the bridge was broken so the train would fall in to the emulsion stuff below and go into the caves

Noodlecup4564d ago

I'm sure this will be amaturish and aimed at teens/young children like the Halo "novels" were.

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The story is too old to be commented.