MSXB - Ninja Gaiden III review - sticks two fingers up at the past

Yosuke Hayashi has butchered the Ninja Gaiden series' roots, but in doing so has opened up the game to be appreciated by a wider audience. This ideal is nothing new in gaming over the last five or so years, and leaves the question as to whether you approve or shake your head in disgust.

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RaidensRising2404d ago

This game is going to be like Marmite on toast.

tehpees32404d ago

Going off both reviews it sounds like its not Ninja Gaiden any more. Although we have two conflicting sides here. IGN believe the game cannot appeal to a new audience whereas this thinks it can.

Baka-akaB2404d ago

I dont believe in the new audience either . We already have some of the most mainstream titles in the genre such as GOW .

It is highly unlikely to be able to compete against that without the best realisation ever , wich is nearly impossible from multiplatform to begin with .

So what's the point of all of those action games ditching their niche and trying to all cannibalize a segment they'd never own and take away from Gow and a few others ?

Easy there is none . You'll just alienate your fanbase , and the public you're trying to attract doesnt even care .