ELSPA Weekly Chart - Playstation 3

Which game had the honour of being the last game to top the 2007 PS3 charts...

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MaximusPrime4033d ago

the answer is in the image.

lynx1halo4033d ago

that way they will make enough money to make a sequel and eliminate all of the bugs and glitches faced with this version, and address any other complaints creating a far superior GAME

rev204033d ago

How does such a bad game sell so well........

Regret4033d ago

You played it? It's pretty good actually.

Ashta4033d ago

He may have meant to say "How does a game with so many technical issues and problems -continue- to do so well."

Before you accuse: I own it. I've played it. I've completed it.

A great and wonderful game that is continuously marred by technical glitches and graphical problems. Also, before anyone says "Well that must be the PS3/360 version" do please take the time to look at the actual user boards at Ubisoft's main site. Both versions are technically flawed and have had continuous reports of such.

Anyways. I think that is what the commenter might have been trying to say.

tk4033d ago

I loved the artistic direction of the game. There is much to like about the game. It does have its issues though. The AI is at times very good, and then, very bad. The game does have a very "organic" feel about it. The characters behave very well, but the soldier AI at times is really really bad.

It is a very enjoyable game nonetheless. Uncharted is in many ways much more polished, and to compare the two, I would say that the Uncharted graphics is sometimes just too good. Wow... can it be too good? Well... I think so. The scenes just keep on being so wonderful and beautiful, that it actually distracts you sometimes. AC is different. Very similar in the areas where you go around... and ultimately a bit more realistic. Where Uncharted takes you through exotic location after location... they clearly had a lot of fun with all the textures and stuff. Maybe a bit over art direction.

But anyway... both great games. Get AC. The glitches are over rated. I have actually not encountered a problem yet.

heyheyhey4033d ago

the last 3 assasinations sucked (by that i mean fake robert, real robert and al mualim) you could'nt even take the b!tches down stealtily