CVG previews Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

The island that you fight on and across in Operation Flashpoint 2 exists. It's a real place, called Sakhalin - modelled, mapped and recreated to the developers' best ability.

The same hyper-realistic approach worked wonders for the original Operation Flashpoint: the islands of Everon, Kolgugev and Malden were based on Krk (Croatian), Tenerife (Mediterranean) and Lefkas (Greek) respectively. Those rolling landscapes gave it an unusual authenticity.

It's that spirit that enlivens Flashpoint 2: everything is being modelled in hyper-detail, an almost pixel-perfect rehearsal for a war that could happen.

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Zhuk4039d ago

Operation Flashpoint was one of the greatest games of all time. I really wish that Bohemia Interactive was developing this, it would be amazing to see what they could do with the financial and technical backing that Codemasters could give them.

That said, I dont expect this game to be as hardcore as ArmA or the original OFP, but it will probably end up being a very good game in its own right if they try and remain reasonably faithful to the original

socomnick4039d ago

I havent played ArmA yet I loved opfp Loved addons.

micro_invader4039d ago

looks interesting, will definitely keep my eye on this.

ASSASSYN 36o4039d ago

Name one game that has the map size of OFP. This game is going to be a beast. This will be Cod 4 at mixed with useable vehicles probably even bicycles. Yes, I typed that right the original had them.