Resistance: Fall Of Man Story Teaser

A dark monstrosity on the horizon is spelling out the fall of man...and only you can stop it.

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BadTaste5849d ago

Lmao, i agree how boring.

andy capps5848d ago

To 1.0, not surprising, given your past comments. This cinematic looks nice, especially considering it's pretty obvious that it's all in-engine.

ronin_oni5848d ago

Eh whatever, not exactly the coolest intro ever, (I still think FFVIII was the best) but it's funny to see how fanboys will bow down to a halo 3 trailer where there is no amount of action whatsoever, then snub their nose at resistance.

kmis875848d ago

I gotta agree: FFVIII=greatest intro ever.

Chronical5848d ago

I mean show me some action not a slideshow lol. or black stuff taking over the world ooooooo

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ghostface5848d ago

Thats why it call a teaser.

drewdrakes5848d ago

Ok Sony fans are saying this is bad? Actually i think the story line is quite compelling. And it almost makes me want to buy a ps3 to play it. haha Almost. I have no doubts that this will be a fantastic game.