IGN Review : Ninja Gaiden 3 a Bloody Disaster

Wondering how Team Ninja fared without Tomonobu Itagaki at the helm? Well, read on for some seriously bad news.

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NewMonday2432d ago

the review reeks of nerd rage, hard on this and easy on ME3, is it the advertising?

will have to wait for more opinions

Abash2432d ago

The reviewer sounded really pissy, either he was a big fan of the series and is severely disappointed or he was having a bad week and took it out on the game. Either way the review screamed "Im reviewing this and Im angry!" which just made me really have the "O_o" face the whole time reading it

kaveti66162432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Well, IGN are run by human beings and obviously a big fan of the series decided to take off more points than technically necessary just to metaphorically flip the bird to the people involved in its production. I don't blame them because the game looks like it was made in 2008. Virtually no visual improvement, and an omission of what NG fans love: weapon variety and meaningful dismemberment.

"In another questionable step backward, Ryu sticks with just one weapon for the entire game."

That is the stupidest decision Team Ninja has made.

NukaCola2432d ago

The score is lower than the review led on, but at the same time this game looks outdated and I can understand everything he says and can feel his problems. I don't blame the review, he wasn't comparing it to other games, he wasn't bashing it recklessly or being an idiot about it, he was telling us that the game is flawed in designed, uneventful and over all of poor quality. I thought when the game came out, it would either be a real mind blower or a total let down. I was prepared for this.

I wonder why he didnt touch on the multiplayer though. Not up yet?

jetlian2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

actually there is footage with other weapons in the game


Seems ign is going for hits even I who beat sigma 2 today know with all thats been changed the lowest this could get is a 7.

They claiming this worse than I am alive which I know is a lie. And I think I am alive is an 8

geddesmond2432d ago

Nah IGN are just looking for attention and I doubt Team Ninja payed them for a decent score so this is the result. I mean I bet the reviewer played the game on the easiest setting and then bitched about its ease.

Ah well IGN reviews can never be trusted, they'll give 9s and 10s to the games that get advertised on the site but not to games that don't

Markarie2432d ago

@NukaCola - Did you read the review? He definitely mentioned the multiplayer, saying it was plan bad.

I'm not sure why so many people are so quick to defend this game. You can go ahead and try to make up conspiracies about IGN giving better scores to games that advertise on their site, but the fact is that games with a bigger budget tend to be better and have more advertising. Of course there are exceptions, but that would be the trend. Ninja Gaiden 2 was all over IGN when it came out. Did you really think this game would be great without it's visionary at the helm? Ninja Gaiden 3 sucks. Get over it. This author just saved you $60.

gamingdroid2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

I cancelled my Collector's Edition at GameStop today and I'm like the biggest fan ever. I spent hundreds of hours on NG2 and own multiple copies of every game released.

This game from start to finish sounds like a disaster. The signs have been there all along:

- no dismemberment
- one weapon
- enemies that beg for their life

... and now repetitive Dynasty Warrior like game play!?

I'm saddened that I have to drop Ninja Gaiden out of my top 3 game series. Thanks for destroying what I love Hayashi! :(

NukaCola2431d ago


I watched the video, but totally missed any multiplayer talk. I am not defending this game. It sounds like this game not only failed to address past issues, but it has created all new ones.

jony_dols2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Kinda of reminds me of IGN's over-the-top moany & bitchy review of Silent Hill last week.

otherZinc2431d ago


I agree with you 100%!

I called this disaster a [email protected] time ago when they announced QTE'S!

This was my second favorite franchise of "All Times", now, this is killing me.

Thats ok. I'll play Ninja Gaiden, NG Black, & Ninja Gaiden 2 for my sanity!

Boody-Bandit2431d ago

Wow what a fall from grace.
I didn't like what I saw of this game, 1 weapon, QTE's, decreased violence, etc... but I didn't think it was going to be this bad. I still might give it a rent to see for myself.

jetlian2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

seems I lost a bubble in here lol and theres alot of new accounts made on this site

dont worry Im about to follow peeps and mark every comment you make!!

brutal I already proved there more than 1 weapon

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iamtehpwn2432d ago

I can imagine Itagaki reading this review while smoking and thinking "Told them they needed me more than I needed them"

Cupid_Viper_32432d ago

It sounds as if the game is broken and uninspiring. So i'm not too against the score applied to it. but my question is this, Why can't there be consistency in the review system, because there are games who have been using the same engines with little improvements over 2-3 games even. like COD and Street fighter and likes. those games are getting high marks when they barely improve on anything and just recycle

BitbyDeath2432d ago

Maybe Itagaki paid them previously for high scores? LOLZ

killerhog2431d ago

Wtf would itagaki of added? Even bigger breast? Better six-axis tit control? he wasn't doing anything innovative with either the doa or ninja gaiden franchises. Ign sweats the shit out of itagaki, probably why they were so harsh on this title. I bet if itagaki made ninja gaiden, and just added bigger boobs, better six-axis tit control, and nothing new as the past ninja gaiden games this gen, ign still give it a 8-10

WetN00dle692431d ago


Still an 8-10 would be better than a 3 if Itagaki was at the helm of things. I worry for the fate of my beloved Dead Or Alive! Team Ninja NEEDS Itagaki no if or buts about it!

irepbtown2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

With Itagaki at the Helm, the Ninja Gaiden's use to be absolute masterpieces.

When he is not, Ninja Gaiden turned into sheep poo.
They needed him, and now I bet he is laughing at them.

And IGN is inconsistent, giving games such as COD top marks yet it is repetitive and graphics haven't changed for 5 years (COD4 was the only magnificent game). Yet (just an example) Battlefield 3, which has showed great improvements from Battlefield 2 gets same as MW3 which had literally no changes.

Arnon2431d ago

Dismemberment? Better combos? More weapons? Better graphics? Bigger tits (yes, this is awesome)? He sorta did create the franchise, you know? Pretty sure I'd trust him over his obvious failure of a team.

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OmegaSlayer2432d ago Show
OmegaSlayer2432d ago

An 8 from Official XBOX Magazine.
Seems a fair score.

kikizoo2432d ago

I don't know, since the game is not even out...but, xbox magazine has xbox games for standard, ign has all the others, it's probably the reason why you can see 3 and 8...

other reason ? one of the 2 reviewer didn't made a good job rewiewing this game.

OmegaSlayer2432d ago

Exactly, when scores gap more than 2-3 (out of 10) points, one of the reviewers is biased or unable to do his work.

GTANJ2431d ago

@OmegaSlayer - Right, because everybody knows that you must have the same opinion as others and if you don't then you are evil and should be banished for all eternity. Grow up.

ShinMaster2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

which have a stronger affiliation with this franchise.

So realistically speaking. It's a 5.5/10 if you average them out.

admiralvic2431d ago

@ Omega (the 2-3 gap reply):

You can't control who gets what. Being a fan vs being a non fan vs how many games you play vs how far you get vs how well you know the series vs skill.

Too many elements come into play which allow for different scores. In the end, it's not meant for every reviewer to agree, but for them all to offer their views on everything. While not everyone will be perfect, once you get an idea of how everything works, you should get a good understanding of the games value in your own perception.

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callahan092431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

So far, two 8's and a 7 are the other scores that have come out besides this IGN score. And one of the 8's and the 7 are from notoriously tough-scoring sources. Makes me question the validity of IGN's review, though it's not like the vitriolic and spiteful tone of the review wasn't already enough to make me question their intentions. Very unprofessional tone. If this were a restaurant review, you could only assume that the food was covered in hair and tasted of saliva and the waiter made you wait 2 hours and yelled at you when you asked for a refill. What could Team Ninja or this game have possibly done to the reviewer to warrant such outright flaming?

undisputed2431d ago

The game can't be *THAT* bad. Which is why I never take reviews as gospel. I'm on the fence with this one regardless.

killerhog2431d ago

Let me make it simple. Ign are itagaki fanboys they sweat the sh*t out of him.

undisputed2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

killerhog, I wanted to say that this guy is probably angry that Itagaki left, the game doesn't play how he remembers it under Itagaki and took it on this game but this is N4G so saying this would get fifteen disagrees.

DevilishSix2431d ago

Yeah but that OXM review reads like a 5/10 game but the reviewer coped out and gave it an 8. Reviewers are not doing gamers justice when they slam a game the entire review saying it is a shadow of its former self then give it an 8. How do we send developers a message that their game sucks if reviewers are afraid and gamers buy anything with a name?

Raider692431d ago

Well you must understand that the guy that review it is a Fan of the series.This is the way games should be reviewed,by someone that haves knowledge of previous games from the series.The 3/10 could be seen has harsh review by somepeople but for me a fan of NG from the NES times its totally deserved,i already tested the game and the game dont feel like a NG game.Yosuke Hayashi its a kid,to me he already had proven on the Sigma versions that he was a Ninja dog and not a follower to the Path of the mentor!Yosuke Hayashi ruin Ninja gaiden an most likely will ruin DOA too.

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Sony3602431d ago

This is where you blame IGN until every other publication says the same thing and you suddenly go quiet about it.

So the cycle continues.

BrunoM2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

They will say it ..

But not 2 and 3 they will give it 7-8 even 6s but giving a game a 3 is to much I mean if they can give angry birds 7-8 lol give a game like NG a 3 is plain sad ..

I mean a 4.0 for graphics ?? Lol what did MW3 get ? Come on really ?

But what ever it's his view of the game .. To bad he forgets he has people who read it

Ryo-Hazuki2431d ago

I hope NG3 gets more 3s. They put in health regeneration, no upgradable weapons, 1 primary, no yellow essence, no treasure chests, and infested with QTE's. It's a slap in the face to the NG fans

DevilishSix2431d ago

Totally 100% agree. This is an action game not a Ninja Gaiden game. This game was made before, it was called Ninja Blade but at least that game had many more weapons.

oricon2431d ago

4.0 for the graphics? All i gotta say.

JANF2431d ago

This is a shame, for such a great franchise. Itagaki must be furious.

Patriots_Pride2431d ago

Somewhere in the world Itaki is ROFL.

honkyjesus2431d ago

I kind of went through the NG3 review, and a lot about it sounds like what should have been the Mass Effect 3 review. IGN has been giving any AAA game, especially franchise games, with marketing a 9 or 9.5 for quite a while.

If there is a big game coming out, seems like they have to love it.

STONEY42431d ago

There is absolutely nothing wrong with ME3 except for the ending, which is poorly done. It's a 9.5 game until the last 5 minutes. It vastly improved from ME2, and it's not a broken game.

This genuinely sounds like they took everything that made Ninja Gaiden... well, Ninja Gaiden, and just butchered it. 1 weapon? QTEs? No gore? Really?

FutureTechnologies2431d ago

Seems like he didn't got the fat check in time.

showtimefolks2431d ago

This is IGN don't trust them just laugh at them.

i am alive 4.5
silent hill 4.5
yakuza dead souls 5.0
and now ninja giaden 3.0

all those games have or are getting better scores every where, i don't know what's going on at ign they have not only been harsh but just idiotic

playboi282431d ago

Well, Silent Hill was pretty bad but I'm still not sure if it deserves less than a 5. IGN is ridiculous. I'd expect this from a reader score but not a professional critic.

admiralvic2431d ago

No idea on I am alive, though I've seen many low scores for it.
Silent Hill follows the standard storyline, so it's predictable and could use some small tweaks. While I don't think it's a 4.5, it's certainly not an amazing game either.
Dead Souls uses the left thumbstick to aim (from what I've read), which in it of it's self makes it awful (if true).
Demographics 101. Most NG fan will read it and casual people who know it's hard won't. It is directed towards hardcore fans, but the game lacks everything that makes it NG... so how does it deserve a high score?

Andreas-Sword2431d ago

IGN is not a serious gaming site!

STUFF gives Ninja Gaiden 3 a 5/5 (100%) score.

And here are some another serious Ninja Gaiden 3 reviews:
CVG: 8/10 (80%)

OXM UK: 8/10 (80%)

OXM US: 8/10 (80%)

Metro: 8/10 (80%)

gamingdroid2431d ago

So what happened to the lower scoring reviews?

On metacritic, the overall score sits at 60 based on 7 reviews so it ain't all roses unless you selectively pick the reviews:

playboi282431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

The lowest I saw on metacritic was a 50 other than IGN. That at least sounds believable. I'm not saying the game is good or deserves a high score. But you can't seriously tell me it's the worst game this year. Maybe biggest disappointment, but not worst game. So, of course the metacritic score is very low. One score of 3 can greatly impact the average.

playboi282431d ago

I agree. A 3? Really? So, this game is worse than Velvet Assassin, X-Blades, and Venetica? They all got better scores. Even Soldier of Fortune got a 6.1 and it was completely broken. I no longer trust IGN for reviews. They aren't fair. If they don't like something, they completely destroy it in their score. If you don't believe me, look at the score for El Shaddai. IGN gave it a 5 but everybody else gave it an 8 or above. Hell, download the demo if you haven't played it and tell me what you think it deserves... I thought it was awesome.

likedamaster2431d ago

For next game, I have 3 words...

Unreal Engine 4.

50Terabytespersec2431d ago

The game got lame after it did multi platform..
Nothing but hand me down graphics from old Xbox and nothing new or exciting..Can you say boring as well.

Give me God of War anytime..


so sick of people like you. if a series you might like doesnt get a great score, it MUST be because the reviewer is a jerk with a hidden agenda. its just NOT POSSIBLE that a game you might like could ever suck. they must be purposely putting out negative press.

Im a fan of the series, yeah. but lemmie tell ya, it doesnt seem like anything the reviewer says is out of line. i havent played the game myself, but throughout the review i immediately noticed that the graphics werent exactly top notch, and the constant zooming in and out was nauseating as hell!
Be honest with yourselves people: some games just end up sucking. It's a reviewers job to bring you his/her opinion of the game, positive or negative.

wait wait...."cant spell ignorant without IGN!!"

2430d ago
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EmperorDalek2432d ago

...... My jaw has dropped. I am sad.

Drake1172432d ago

yeah this sucks. Im a huge NG fan idk wtf they were thinking with this one!!!!Damnit!!!

Laxman2432d ago

If you're a huge NG fan, try the game for yourself instead of conforming to the mass internet mob of change-hating armchair critics. Ive been a fan of the series since the NES, and think this game looks excellent. Ninja Gaiden was never about choice of weapons, its always been about the rewarding challenge and ultra-stylish violence. Which this game looks to have.

Drake1172432d ago

It sounds like the game has a whole lot more wrong with it than a lack of choice of weapons...The guy even said it was jokingly easy and felt nothing like previous NG games.

rjdofu2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

@Laxman: 1 NON-UPGRADABLE weapon, though there'll be 2 more on DLC (talon & scythe), still pathetic compared to the enormous amount of weapons of the last 2 games. No essence, dumped down difficulty, regen health, stupid UT (slash every one on screen, really?), only 1 overpowered ninpo, etc. It just lacks variations and creativity on every aspects. There's no sense of rewarding nor re-playability in this game.

You still think I have to waste my money to try this garbage?

Sony3602431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Shame was a great series.

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dragunrising2432d ago


Did you even read the review? It clearly states that the game is easy and repetitive. When has Ninja Gaiden ever been described that way? The series has always been about gameplay and challenge. As a Ninja Gaiden "fan" you should be curious to know if the gameplay is intact or changes in a meaningful way. If you read the review (once again) you would know that gameplay has been dumbed down to an extent that its barely Ninja Gaiden as fan's would remember it. It also says that the story gets in the way of the gameplay. Ninja Gaiden has never a very coherent story however it never got in the way of gameplay. Perhaps the review was a little harsh, then again I haven't played it. The review was at least rational and should make you question a purchase.

I generally I don't put too much stock in a single review however its difficult to dismiss all the problems raised in the review. I will at least give the game a rental and decide from there.

NewMonday2432d ago

did he try playing on a harder difficult? did he bash it because it didn't force you to play hard.

so their are some set piece narrative encounters, when has that been a bad thing?

and his the reviewer's tone made me lose trust from the start.

and the game got 36/40 from famitsu, so it can't be that big a difference

undisputed2431d ago

I know I said I would get this game in a bargain bin but I can't help but try it.Sometimes playing something for yourself and being the judge is the best route.

Sevir2431d ago

Are pretty high. Given all the changes of the I can see it getting a 7 but seriously after Reading this review my consensus is that this guy was very angry! To the point where his bias affected the game. Very unprofessional!

ape0072431d ago

me too man, I remember NINJA GAIDEN for xbox 1 in 2004 was absolutely amazing, gameplay was second to none, graphics was ahead of its time and it had that Magic feel about it, this is sad, i knew the game gonna suck, i saw a preview earlier this month and the level they showed SUCKED as well as graphics

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ElasticLove2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Holy S*it, I wasn't expecting such a low score. But I'll look into this game more before judging it off of one review.

kaveti66162432d ago

I think the score is deserved. I played Ninja Gaiden 2 in 2008 and expected a much more noticeable improvement in Ninja Gaiden 3 than what I saw. Yes, yes, I'm speaking merely about the graphics, but the gameplay videos weren't encouraging, either. There was no dismemberment, and less gore than in Ninja Gaiden 2.

Everything about the game at first sight looks abysmal and I expected it to be a mediocre title. I didn't expect a 3/10 but I'm sure IGN is merely venting it's rage on the game because they're disappointed. People who like the series will probably pick it up and enjoy it anyway, but I think IGN gave it a 3 to punish the developers and publishers for putting so little effort into the game.

Hozi2432d ago

It's not like I ever expected NG's story to win awards but the story of this one is so mundane and dry. I really thought the story in the first two games beat the crap outta this one. and to make matters worse, every thing from bad camera angles to repetitive combat is present in this game. I will wait for Gamespot's review to see if it further solidifies this horrible score IGN has marked it.

jetlian2432d ago Show

I played a bit of it at the Eurogamer expo last year.

It was only a demo, but honestly it was enough for me to make up my mind.

I complately lost interest in the game and have no plans to buy it.

NG on the old xbox was my second favorite game on the system after Halo CE.

NG2 was good but there were little things I thought could have made it better...

This on the otherhand, I just don't see how anyone could really defend it. It almost makes Ninja Blade look like real competition for it!

The score does not supprise one bit. maybe the tone he used is a bit off, but in all honesty I don't consider it anymore exaggerated then all those reviews that give games 9+ scores that don't deserve them.

Surfaced2432d ago

Oh man... if the reviews are all like this, people at Team Ninja are going to lose their jobs.