Console Domination: Mass Effect 3 - From Ashes Review (DLC)

Console Domination writes: From Ashes is the first piece of downloadable content on offer for Bioware's highly acclaimed Mass Effect 3. Dropping out of orbit and onto the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network right in time for the release of the final chapter of Commander Sheppard's intergalactic sci-fi trilogy, From Ashes provides players with a new mission, some costumes for the ensemble cast and a new squad mate with whom to wage war against the Reapers.

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49erguy2460d ago

This doesn't hold a candle to ARRIVAL? Arrival was an overpriced disappointment that did set up ME3, but didn't provide even a quarter of the depth that Javik and the truth of the Protheans did. I put this neck and neck with LOTSB.

ArchangelMike2460d ago

I complete;y agree with you, people fail to realise that Javik provides such in depth commentary throughout the ME3 experience. His input goes well beyond the Ashes mission.

Panzerkanzler2459d ago

Indeed! The mission where you find Javik is in itself very mundane, except for the flashbacks, but the input supplied by Javik throughout the game is very interesting.

Raf1k12459d ago

Javik is awesome as a character. All the extra dialogue he comes with is what has made me decide to play the game again with him on my squad in every mission.