Valkyria Chronicles 3: Selvaria Cosplay

Cosplayer girl Precious has turned herself into Selvaria from the video game: Valkyria Chronicles 3. Selvaria Bles is a twenty-two year old Brigadier General and a member of the Drei Stern under Maximilian’s direct command.

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tiffac0083413d ago

Now if we can only get Sega to localize the game~

tiffac0083413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

Heck bro, even if they decided to just localize VC3 on the PSP or put it on the PSV, I'd be dead happy. ^^


Yes, Selveria also made an appearance in VC3. I can't remember if it was on the main game or if it was on a DLC (included in the complete edition)

As for VC2, she was just a unlockable character. So it was a non-canon appearance.

Hicken3413d ago

Was Selvaria even IN 3? She and Isara make guest appearances, of sorts, in VCII, but I'm pretty sure neither of them is in III. Then again, I haven't played it, so I could be wrong...