Need For Speed: ProStreet - Rewired Review

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… okay, so maybe not in a galaxy, but a long time ago, EA were the whipping company for many a gamer. Well, the gamer that knew quality beyond the pale of movie tie-ins and other such mediocre to poor software. It's fair to say that EA have enjoyed a renaissance over the past few years, for you see, EA have been knocking out quality software at an alarming rate.

Like with the better EA titles of the last few years, NFS ProStreet boasts a healthy list of cars, courses and variety in its gameplay experience, all of this under-pinned with high-quality production values. The 360 in particular, isn't short of quality racers on the system, but adding another like ProStreet certainly won't harm its credentials. There's plenty here to keep the "petrol heads" amongst us happy.

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