2007 an historic year for videogames

The critical popularity of flagship titles, mixed with continued fan attraction to established franchises and the introduction of valuable new IPs (intellectual properties), has also led to considerable commercial success. Software sales are on the rise to the tune of around $10.5 billion (through October) in the United States, while the UK gaming market has taken a total of around £1.52 billion during 2007.

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Blademask4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

The only historic bit was Halo3 pushing a 40 million dollar advertising campaign and selling 120million dollars worth of Halo. Outside of that, games have been normal.

A year wit few major IP releases isn't considered historic in my book. Bioshock doesn't count. Compared to HISTORIC titles, we wont be talking about it mid-08 thats for sure. It is definitely less memorable than Hl2. Or even Prey. Gaming is being taken over by hype mongers trying to push hits to their sites. Who have no historic view of gaming. Sure 07 was a 'historic' year, if you just started gaming in January. Analysts/Reviewers who don't even mention God of War 2 in their 'historic' Lineups are just plain retarded.

LOFT3164038d ago

2007 was historic because it was the first year that the 2 next gen consoles(PS3 and Xbox) had a full year going head to head both console's gave us fantastic games and it was probably the most exiting year for gaming to date and i think 2008 will be even better

nanometric4038d ago

atleast for me, cuz, please do congratulate me, at long last I have become a proud owner of a Sony Playstation 3. I bought the EU bundle with an extra controller and Heavenly Sword & Formula F1, also got myself Skate and wanted to get COD4, but they were all sold out everywhere ;( And I love my shinny fingerprint magnet of mine :D As well as my two friends, all bought our PS3 in the last week, you know, like one buys, then you just can't back down after seeing it, so you buy too! :D

So, now, a quick game review by me...

Skate- 7.5

Thou, Skate is a very welcome addition to the genre, I have played all TH skate games to date(except Proving Grounds). It still is not what it could be, maybe perhaps EA didn't let everything to be stuffed in to the first game, you need to give consumers a reason to buy the sequel. Game, really good, but yet frustrating(atleast for me) At the begining you don't know the controls, but at the end most challenges are really hard and become very repetitive as you try to land single trick for the 100th time. As it says on the box, landing smooth and hard trick is very satisfying, but beating challenges isn't, as it only shows a window which says- Congratulations! As for graphics, there are noticable jaggies and very rare frame drops/slowdowns (not sure, maybe a glitch) But overall, I would suggest to pick this game over tony anyday.

nanometric4038d ago

Heavenly Sword- a solid 9, no more no less
One word comes to my mind- Epic! Thats what the dev's wanted and thats what they achieved an epic movie like game. HS does seem to be like a female version of God of War, but it doesn't make that game any less worse. Cinematic cutscenes, mo-cap and voice acting top of the notch. Really seems like you are playing in a movie. Game makes you care for main characters.

SPOILER ALERT!!!........ I almost cried when i saw Kai drop down with a rope around her neck and then feel unbelievably happy seeing she is alive. as well as Nariko dyeing at the end ;( -END-

The game is a little too short, gameplay wise, thou completing the story feels most satisfying. But for some unknown reason I still think the game misses something, can't tell what exactly :/ But still a great game and I would suggest all who have a PS3, to buy it or atleast rent it, you have to play it!

As for graphics, very, very beautiful environments, ridiculous amounts of enemies on screen, great colors and all that on my SD TV!!! No noticable jaggies, tho I encountered one time framedrop at the end with about 100 enemies just around me.

Overall a solid must play game!

Btw, PM me your ID's, I will send you mine when I hook up net to my PS3 next week and grab a copy of COD4 ^_^

PS360WII4038d ago

As far as money pulled in yes.

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