Wii Stands Alone?

GamingNexus has posted an editorial looking at the online strategy for the Wii and trying to make sense of what Nintendo has planned for the Wii.

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Sphinx5849d ago

... I am even more excited about the Wii now!

PS360WII5849d ago

Yeah I can see it. Got to get people in the Wii mind set before you bust out the online

wulfgar885849d ago

this is a great read and to quote number 1 im very excited by the possibilites of the wii...i mean come on...who isnt gonna like SSBB online...amazing

Asylumchild5848d ago

that was good how he made me understand the online more but I dont liek the part of not hunting down noobs :( UNDERGROUND GAMER FO LIFE lmao this looks sweet though

ChickeyCantor5847d ago

WOW what switched you back to say AWSOME when it comes to nintendo

linkrocks75848d ago

the wii is going to kickass, especially with SSBB online and Zelda at launch!(yey)