Pepsi Develops New Videogame To Combat Mexican Fatness

PepsiCo, makers of delicious salty snacks and sugary beverages, has created a new videogame called "Live Healthily". The game is being added to the curriculum of over a million primary school students and will be evaluated by the National Pediatric Institute. The goal of "Live Healthily" is to teach Mexican children how not to be fat-asses. Much like their American neighbors to the north, Mexico has an epidemic on their hands when it comes to childhood obesity.

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Rice4567d ago

Oh gosh, Mexicans are fat?

Twizlex4567d ago

Apparently they are actually now fatter than Americans according to some recent study/survey. I never would have guessed.

Fresh4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

Mexicans are skinny,Pepsi should develop a new videogame to combat American fatness,Americans are fat as f*ck:P

freakyzeeky4567d ago

I take offense to that! After all, I am Mexican, and fat... :P

freakyzeeky4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

How is this video game news? xD

EDIT: Nevermind xD

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The story is too old to be commented.