5 PSP predictions for 2008

An annual tradition for PSP Fanboy continues. PSP Fanboy is going to make five predictions for the upcoming year. Will they continue there track record so far?

PSP Prediction #1: New limited edition PSP bundles with high-profile games and peripherals.
SCEA will release a special gold PSP-2000 system that includes God of War: Chains of Olympus and a Memory Stick for $200. Maybe it'll look something like the fan-made system? We hope so. Also, we're hopeful that Square Enix will release a limited edition bundle with Crisis Core, just as they did in Japan. Finally, Sony will release a PSP system bundled with GPS in the US....

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gamesR4fun4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

"will be able to watch videos of any size up to 720x480 pixels -- including 640x480, so often used in podcasts. Other codecs will be added to PSP, such as MPEG-2 and DivX.'

Sad thing is hacked system have all that and tons more....

TheMART4037d ago


That's just custom firmware. It ain't sad, it's working like a charm. With all functions and homebrew to run.

It's pretty good if you ask me, the PSP unlocked

WilliamRLBaker4037d ago

mart come on u knew what he ment he ment its sad to get all that you have to hack it instead of just having it out of box or a firmware update away. he in no way said any thing bout it being sad that it was hacked.

TheMART4037d ago

William, then I just read it wrong... Well the custom firmware is about the same as a fw update dude... It isn't hard, it isn't nescessary to open the PSP, it's easy, you can't f*ck up...

Companies always don't open the total possibilities of the hardware, only mods and homebrew do...

Just search for Jigkick&Magic Memory Stick on google and you'll see how easy it is ;-)

Zhuk4037d ago

i've been running homebrew since the PSP was released and I got 3.71M33 CFW running right now. The ability to play emulators, play PS1 games that I own by downloading them to the memory stick and running homebrew programs has made the PSP my favourite handheld ever.

You really need CFW if you want to truly get the best use out of your PSP

Sev4036d ago

Zhuk, you mean you actually own a Sony product?

I am surprised you arent here saying that people shouldnt care about the PSP because the 360 is superior in every way.

These are pretty good predictions as lately Sony seems to be appeasing the homebrew crowd, with custom themes, etc.

I would love to see an official widget creator much like sony has done with the themes.

I dont care much for video codec support but I know many people do.

I certainly hope SquareEnix releases some FF content in the PS Store.

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