[Overlooked Gems] Resonance of Fate

A look back at tri-Ace's unique JRPG; one that was overshadowed by a certain notorious Square-Enix sequel, during its launch.

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catch3118d ago

I fully agree this game is very underrated and did not get the recognition or sales it deserved. The battle system takes some getting used to but when it starts to click it is ridiculously fun and engaging.

Pintheshadows3118d ago

I bought this game really looking forward to it. The day I got it I visited a friend and got drunk with intention of playing it with a hangover the next day. However the next day all of my games, TV, blu-rays and consoles had been burglarised from my flat.

A year and a half later I still haven't played.

catch3118d ago

That is a heartbreaking story! Sorry for your bad luck.

3118d ago
iWishTifaWasReal3118d ago

it's SEGA's fault. why release a game on the same day Square Enix released the game called "FINAL FANTASY XIII"

i wonder which one stands out the most. hmmm?

it really is just bad marketing of Sega.

HacSawJimThugin3118d ago

Truly a diamond in the of my faves last year.

rezzah3118d ago

Haven't beaten it yet, though when I get around to playing it again I will for sure.

The graphics and gameplay are great. Also I love the ability to change the clothes of the characters, keeps things from looking stale over time.