Heavy Rain: The Latest on Quantic Dream's PS3 Exclusive

Not much is known about Quantic Dream's latest project, entitled Heavy Rain. All the info thats been released on it thus far is a trailer called "The Casting" and a movie poster - neither of which are even necessarily representative of what the game will actually be.

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Darkiewonder4032d ago

Not to be a meany or bad guy but recapping 2007 news isn't what I expected for 2008 :\

jam94032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Agree with you. It's a long empty article. No need to read. Sufuer girl's 2 line comment was much informative.

socomnick4031d ago

"Chocolate Rain"

Chocolate Rain
Some stay dry and others feel the pain
Chocolate Rain
A baby born will die before the sin

HarryEtTubMan4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )


HAHAHA A Sony eXECUTIVE CONFIRMED IT READ THE EMAIL!! Game of the year on PS3 too lol..just another good game to add on to the 2009 list!
submit this link.... guys this is 100% IT IS COMING.

Edit: Because u answered like a homo I guess I'm entitled to let you know I own a 360 and have beaten Bioshock, Deadrising, Gears if Bore and Gaylo 3... Bioshock was good. I was disapointed bt it was good. Just not replay value at all. I played it once and was no longer interested. This is still good for the PS3.... just antoher good title to add to the pile of games coming.

Mr. Arabic I know about that

Bolts4032d ago

Why are you so excited? Bioshock is an average game, if you actually played this game then you'll know what I'm talking about. Don't believe the hype. Oh and its coming in 2009? Who the hell cares?? In 2009 I'll be playing games that are coming in 2009. I sure as hell wouldn't give a damn about 2007 games.

The Killer4032d ago

this is the same news that one bot reported yesterday but instead of bioshock he put MGS! and instead of 2k he put konami!

just look at this joke from the bots

GlossGreen4032d ago

dead on Mr Arabic. That news looks exactly like the MGS4 news posted recently. I guess both rumors will just stay that. Rumors. We can still hope though.

MK_Red4032d ago

I just hope this game turns out as great as other QD title but sells much better then either of Farenheit or Omikron. Hey, if it sells enough, they may finally make the Omikron sequel.
But seriously, if this game is even close to Farenheit, it will be a must have for me. Plus, it looks to be a good showcase for console's power.

4032d ago
MK_Red4032d ago

Wow, you are a really blind fanboy. Quantic Dream is not famous but their previous game Indigo Prophecy was praised but all critics as well as the few gamers that tried it. Not to mention their best story of the year wins.

Skerj4032d ago

Man you sicken me mesh, I'm so glad you don't work in the industry with a closed mind like that. How do you think your "Big Name" devs got started? Mainly on the PC and the games sure weren't up to par conmpared to what they've done now. Well in the case of Irrational/2K Boston they kind of blackslid when it comes to Bioshock in the gameplay department. If they have a good idea and can make an awesome game out of it, then why shouldn't they be allowed to do so? What, you'd rather the "Big Name" devs to fleece you for every dime you have for mediocre sequels, or buggy ass games?

Check out the Independant Games Festival finalist games and you'll see a ton of games that you'd probably have never seen otherwise. You know why? Because they make games for fun and to be innovative, not because they had to pitch "cookie cutter idea #18070127" to a publisher to get funding to even get a chance to MAKE a game. And I don't know where you've been but Quantic Dream has been a well known dev since Omikron came out, and like MK said Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit was critically acclaimed.

mesh14032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

mk red u talk a lot of breeze believe i know more about games than u sorry just had to state a fact that game u mentioned is unknown , and not becuase u lie a game which ive noticed mk red like a lot of games that dont cut it tbh does not mean the game is spectacular know its just ur opinion those games u mentioned are wack thus it didnt catch my attention.

Keowrath4032d ago

We understand English probably isn't your first Language Mesh1 but WHAT!?

Dude you keep trying to argue your point across (even though your point is normally pretty irrelevant) but everytime I try to make sense of your decimation of the English language I find it easier not to bother and just go with the consensus that you're a moron.

Remember to study hard and maybe one day when you grow up you'll pass English and people will be able to understand you.

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felman874032d ago

Wasn't this made by the guys who did Indigo Prophecy? I was a big fan of that game.

MK_Red4032d ago

True. Quantic Dream made the excellent but heavily underrated Farenheit / Indigo Prophecy as well as a much lesser known classic called Omikron: Nomad Soul.

malingenie4032d ago

I liked Omikron. I was pretty lonely in that category.

MK_Red4032d ago

Well you're not alone :)
I also loved Omikron and played it a lot. Sadly it didn't even get the little attention Indigo Prophecy got. At least critics praised Indigo but Omikron was either hated or completely ignored.

It was seriously ahead of it's time, mixing RPG, FPS, Sandbox, Driving, Adventure / Puzzle and Fighting in one game.

killer_trap4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

well if there's one thing i'm sure of about this game it's this, it's going to be one of the most expensive games to make in the history of games. sadly thats the only fact i know about the game.

grimygunz4032d ago

The motion cap studio that sony published game devs use is already up and running. Heavanly sword and uncharted used the same mocap studio in new zealand I think, correct me if im wrong. As far as gameplay its yet to be seen just how much money will be needed to game the game. the Actors on the other hand if they are trying to get leo D' cap the money will be really high unless its just something he personally wants to do.

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