January 9th Arcade Release Revealed

Omega Five has been confirmed as the second title to be released on the XBOX Live Arcade this year.

Omega Five is a horizontal scrolling shooter featuring ninja-like characters shooting enemies emerging from the 3D background and screen edges using both ranged and melee attacks. The game was originally supposed to be released back in November 2007 but was delayed for reasons unknown.
Omega Five
So write it down in your diaries that Omega Five will be released on Wednesday 9th January 2008. Stay tuned to Console Monster for more information including the price!

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SDS Overfiend4036d ago

Cn't wait for this one. Glad i got a release date so i can rack up on some points now.

TrevorPhillips4036d ago

watsup boys so do i get a thank you for adding this news into N4G im glad to share my news with all my other contributor friends MK_Red, TnS, GCO Gamer and my other pals cheers =]