The top 5 epic failures of March 2012 thus far

2012 has already seen its fair share of highs and lows, and we're less than three months in. But what have been the highlights from so many? Here's five of the most notable.

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bunt-custardly4504d ago

The doom and gloom of Game sticks out, at least our side of the puddle, and the subsequent bargains. I've already spent more at Game/GS on games this past week than I have since they've been opened (not counting hardware purchases).

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RaidensRising4504d ago

March has been pretty eventful but there's still two weeks left of it. I think the whole Mass Effect 3 ending thing has been the most striking.

morkendo234503d ago (Edited 4503d ago )

Maybe Gamers are tired of FPS,multiplayer game now possibly reason for all the doom an gloom article lately.

MASS EFFECT 3 could be the pebble get the ball rolling for NEW IP'S outside of FPS

zeal0us4503d ago

Seem like everyone so distracted by ME3 ending to care about the stunt Crapcom pulled. I have seen more post are surrounding the me3 ending than Crapcom on-disk overprice dlc.

Ravenor4503d ago

Yeah because fighting games have the same mass appeal as Msss Effect... Use your head.

Kingdom Come4504d ago

The Games TM Magazine review was based upon four hours of gameplay and the reviewer hadn't even played the Co-Op or Versus Multiplayer Components. I've written a Blog Post on the topic of the review: http://n4g.com/blogs/detail...

OhMyGandhi4503d ago (Edited 4503d ago )

so then it's just a 4/10 experience for someone who doesn't want to play Co-cop or multplayer?

Ravenor4503d ago

Yeah, I buy games with a major COOP slant purely for the SP. If you didn't want a COOP game, it's kinda not a game for you.

It's like playing Borderlands or L4D by yourself, incredibly boring.

honkyjesus4503d ago

Seems like it may be a backlash against Capcom. I haven't been the biggest fan of the game pre-release, but any reviewer can't really put up an honest review without playing the main meat of the game. Which is the multiplayer stuff.

Frankfurt4503d ago

A 4/10 SP game doesn't become a 7 or 8/10 game just because of CO-OP or multiplayer. Halo is amazing in CO-OP. Gears too. L4D too. But they aren't 4/10 or 5/10 in single player.

You have no argument.

JohnApocalypse4503d ago

What about the Mass Effect 3 DLC?

vortis4503d ago

EA's PR are great at their job...

Notice how not one journalist followed up on the DLC debacle for ME3 but instead moved all their attention over to the ending? Ridiculous.

TekoIie4503d ago (Edited 4503d ago )

People would rather buy the dlc and enjoy it than complain, this was proven when MW2 sold dlc at a higher price than its competitors and everyone just bought it without complaining.