Haze to get Downloadable Content?

Free radical answer's some questions.

Dear Free Radical,

Haze looks an unimaginative excuse to run and gun.Persuade me otherwise.P.S I know my purchase doesn't matter really, I just want to hear your comeback really. You metallic git.



1. 4-player co-op.
2. 16-player story-led multiplayer maps
3. The Nectar gameplay system.
4. A whole bunch of downloadable content, that isn't just useless **** like new skins.
5. It's paying my mortgage, so buy it.

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felman874037d ago

That's reason enough for me to nominate it for GOTY

jaja14344037d ago

He should of added "or I'll kill a kitten." Since no one wants to see a kitten die that would make the game sells millions!

Panthers4037d ago

not just kill, but drown. A bunch of them

mesh14037d ago

to haze is like 360 OWNERS hyping FRONtlines fuels of war like its goona be AAA haze is a low bugdet weak game

THX71684037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

"to haze is like 360 OWNERS hyping FRONtlines fuels of war like its goona be AAA haze is a low bugdet weak game"

If you feel that way about Haze then WHY EVEN BOTHER clicking on a link to a story about Haze let alone spend the time to post a comment about your feelings towards the game?

You are just a piece of sh|t XBOT d|ckhole. I guess that's why you are ignored by 130+ users.

@ Comment 1 by felman87
That made me lol. :-)

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Darkiewonder4037d ago

Release for the game.

aw. no skins? O.o lawlz.

Maps/missions/guns are the basis of a DLC content for shooters. [well at least this one]

Rythrine4037d ago

Another reason why I'll be getting this game for sure. Make it perfet Free Radical and you'll get a part of your mortgage payment from me :)

DiLeCtioN4037d ago

aint seen you on for a while hows the PS3..let me guess awsome. when am back from holiday lets get some online games going in COD4, UT3(got it in usa) and HAZE when its released :)

Rythrine4037d ago

Let me know. I got UT3 as well. Great game overall. Let me know as soon as you get back so we can get some online matches going. I got a number of buddies that has UT3 as well. I'll pass the word around. You better practice lolz :)

EZCheez4037d ago

I've been looking for someone else to play with in UT3. I played COD4 to death and UT3 is providing me with a bunch of new stuff.

If you guys can pull me away from Rock Band. I had family over for Christmas and when they all saw the game the scoffed at it. Five hours later, I literally had to pry the drumsticks away from my brother-in-law at the end of the night, and he was THE biggest antagonist. You guys owe it to yourslves to try that game. It is honestly in my list of my personal top ten games of all time! I want some guys to play that game online with more than anything else!

Rythrine4037d ago

Yeah, man. I always see Rockband under your PSN lolz. I wanted to try it. Too bad, you can't rent it. I'll find a way somehow. Don't worry, you're one of the buddies I mentioned for UT3. I'll let you know, man.

xplosneer4037d ago

Want to add me? I'd like a guy to play with more. I agree RockBand by itself is totally awesome. It helps though that (IMO) The songs are better than GH3 and they are original songs! I'm addicted to (Don't Fear) The Reaper!

Kleptic4037d ago

definitely up for UT3 too...finally starting to learn the maps...haven't had much fun with warfare yet, not enough people even know what is going on it seems...but DMs and TDMs have been hectic crazy ridiculous...just like I hoped...

PSN: Kleptic...

Sevir044037d ago

hows it been. u on leave. be sure to hit you up online sometime

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Kulupoo4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

free radical is one of my fav development team in video game industry !!! cant wait

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