Wiimote weapon kit takes uselessness to dangerous new levels

Engadget writes:

"Wiimote add-ons of all sorts have been flooding in virtually since the console's debut, but when it comes to sheer uselessness and dangerousness, it's tough to beat this latest bundle from the folks at Dragon Electronics, which offers no less than eight ways to accessorize your Wiimote and nunchuck. That includes a pair of daggers, an axe, and a pistol to name a few, which the company says should provide "amazing, exciting, fantastic and training body reaction." If that sounds like the added depth of realism you've been waiting for, you can grab a set of your own right now for just under $30."

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Prismo_Fillusion4036d ago

I bought this product and have found it to be incredibly useful.
I play Zack & Wiki and switch weapons depending on the kind of tool I'm using in the game!
There is no more satisfying feeling than being able to wield a scimitar while playing Wii Bowling.
Buy this product now! On store shelves everywhere!

Karebear4036d ago

Can't wait until some kid puts an eye out with those knives. You know it will happen. Maybe they can make a RedRider BB Gun WiiMote attachment...

sak5004036d ago

Looking a bland texture less ps2isque graphics makes my stomach churn. These controls will make 6 year olds happy not 60 year olds. The latter are the wii's main customer base. They should design something like Wii crutches, wheelchairs and wii bed pans. Where you swing your wiipan to catch the .... from falling on teh floor.

Skerj4036d ago

Ack I meant to agree with you because it was funny and accidentally tagged disagree, have a bubble.

TwissT4036d ago

Kid: Santa I want the 8 kit weapon set for the Wii!
Santa: You'll shoot your eye off kid!
Kid: No I wont!!
News Report: a 5 year old child is now blind due to blatant misuse of the 8 kit weapon set.

Have fun guys!!!

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