5 PS3 predictions for 2008: PS3 sales will get better, but won't beat 360


Every year, PSP Fanboy made predictions on what will happen in the year ahead. So far, they've been quite successful with many of their visions of the future coming true. Now, we'll have some fun with the PS3. Here's what we're seeing in our crystal ball ...

PS3 Prediction #1: Warner Bros. will go Blu-ray exclusive.
Rumors have been quite persistent about this major movie studio's upcoming HD plans. With Blu-ray consistently outpacing HD DVD sales, we believe that Warner Bros. will finally feel the need to choose one format over the other. Of course, Toshiba's more than willing to get its moneybags ready for HD DVD. The war will still continue through 2008.

Note: None of the predictions were made by Miss Cleo.

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skyline20034567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

I think the price drop will happen in November for the xmas season. And i do believe PS3 will sell more consoles in 08 than xbox will.

PS3 - 8.8M in its first 13 months
Xbox360 - sold 7.9M its first 13 months.

PS3 will probably sell 10M in 08 with titles such as GT5 , MGS4, GTA4. People like to say Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet will sell consoles. To them, i say ur on crack. These titles are unproven so why would they sell consoles? GT5 , MGS4, GTA4 ARE proven titles so you know what you are getting. The only way Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet will sell consoles is if Sony has some REALLY good commercials that make you say "I want that game now!". The Gears of War commercial had that effect on me.

TANOD4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

However if there is another price cut then PS3 might reach 30m by the end of 2008

PS3 will sell a lot more than 10m units. theres just no doubt about that

MGS4 and FF13 alone would move 10m PS3s worldwide

mintaro4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

it'll defenitley sell more than it did this year, but 25 mil by the end of 08 is just ridiculous, even with a pricecut

shmee4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

why is that?

ps3 launched in eu with a 600 euro price tage (around 900$)

The price of ps3 was slashed to 400EURO at the end of OCTOBER

with effectively 6 months in circulation + just 2 months during Xmas at 400EURO ps3 has already sold 5 m units in EU

so expect that to double especially with the release of gt5,gta 4 ,ff13 and mgs4-- 3 most anticipated games in Europe

so 16m consoles with such a lineup in 2008 is very much possible

However ff13 can sell millions of consoles in Japan as well as Eu and Na. ff is a huge system mover

i bought my ps2 for ff10 and ps33 for ff13.

my 5 cousins did the same . We all bought consoles for A SINGLE GAME


log on to N4G with ur other account named bloodmask/roundpeg.

u Xtard---all ps3 owners are SAME to you. typical xbot mentality

f7ss14567d ago

with minataro, thats a little much just for one year but i definetly think it will sell leaps and bounds better then it ever has before.

Snukadaman4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

truly a sad little fanboy who feels the need too have both his personality's debate with someone...and whats even sadder is 7 idiots agree with him..truly fanaticism at its finest..

@riot...and it looks like he used his third account too disagree with us both...i swear this guy doesnt have a life....maybe he is working for sony for a new 77" inch bravia?

@tanod/shmee I only have one account here..I only comment because im no fanatic. I only post in a couple of and kotaku, and joystiq...with the same nickname.

Ri0tSquad4567d ago

@ Snukadaman
I was just about to say that.

ps3playbeyon4567d ago

My Prediction is it will end up selling a little more than 20 million at the end of 08....
it sold about 8 million in 07 without any of its Really good franchises so i expect really good things..

sticky doja4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

@shmee-tanod-nasim-larry07 using his multiple accounts carry on conversations in the same news thread. It trips me out.

And the fact that he accuses other people of having multiple accounts is priceless.

zambrota4567d ago


Dude u created 3 accounts to bash shmee aND tanod

the writing styles of all these account holders are identical

@snukadaman shame on you DUDE

Lifendz4567d ago

I believe the PS3 sales will beat 360 sales in 08. Too many great games coming to PS3 and nothing really out there for 360. MS has shown their best and was unable to completely dominate the market. There is still a large number of PS2 owners yet to make the jump into the next-gen and Sony's line-up for the coming year will certainly bring them out. PS3 in 08.

marinelife94567d ago

In worldwide sales I believe the PS3 will start selling more than the 360. But it won't be enough to make up the year head start.

PS3 sales will jump significantly at these points.

-Grand Theft Auto 4 is released. Both consoles will sell tons of units for the first Next Gen only release.

-Metal Gear Solid 4 is released. PS3 will win new converts and start selling the same as the 360 monthly in the US with this release.

-Final Fantasy XIII and VS is released. PS3 will have a huge jump in sales and will start evening sales with the Wii per month.

-When the PS2 gets discontinued at the end of 2009. When Sony stops cannibalizing their own sales (And 360 sales not all PS2 buyers are going to switch to PS3) the last remaining last gen system will effectively be finished and we'll see a boost in sales for every console.

-The very first next gen only version of Madden. After the PS2 is discontinued and EA decides not to include it in development plans the Madden release date will be a huge jump in console sales for the 360 and PS3 as well.

GT5, Resistance 2, Resident Evil 5, Fallout 3 and Devil May Cry 4 will help sales collectively in 2008 but not as much as the above games.

Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Home, MLB 08, Singstar, and Heavy Rain. These products will have less impact on PS3 sales in 2008 because they aren't known quantities yet.

Burnout Paradise, Movie Downloads, Haze, Lost Planet, Turok, Infamous, Alone in the Dark, and The Agency will have an even smaller effect in 2008.

Genuine4567d ago

This is in regards to N.A.

I am sure that MGS4 will move some ps3's. But GT5, LBP, and KZ2, I don't see having the same success as MGS4. But 2008, should be a better year for ps3, gamewise. Although, I haven't seen a single decent RPG announced for ps3 in 2008.

As for 360, I predict 2008 will be the year it cracks the mainstream audience. I think that ,in the first quarter of 2008, we will see a decent 360 pricecut (just in time for GTAIV). A $100 pricecut for all sku's would put the 360's prices at $179/249/379. With the current stellar 360 library combined with the excitement of the upcoming GTAIV, ANY gamer would be hard pressed not to pick up a 360. After this pricecut, I expect the 360 to mirror last years Wii sales.

TheSadTruth4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

PS3 is going to crush Xbox 360 in 2008, even I can admit that as a proud xbox 360 owner. If people buy 10 million (or however many) PS3s when there are no good games and it costs $600, imagine how many consoles they will move when the good games come rolling out, the Blu-Ray format wins, and their is a price cut. Don't forget how much bad press the PS3 got the last 1 or 2 years, PS3 was hated by EVERYONE because of Sony's bad marketing and crap.

This console war will prove one thing: Brand recognition is what matters. Not to mention that Microsoft will NEVER break into the Japanese market because they are xenophobic, it is a complete waste of time.

Slap some disagrees on me.

Nasim Shmee TANOD4567d ago

I finally sold my ps3 on EBAY. It has no games and is FAILING in EUROPE and JAPAN.

I finally sold my ps3 on EBAY. It has no games and is FAILING in EUROPE and JAPAN.

I finally sold my ps3 on EBAY. It has no games and is FAILING in EUROPE and JAPAN.

I finally sold my ps3 on EBAY. It has no games and is FAILING in EUROPE and JAPAN.

I finally sold my ps3 on EBAY. It has no games and is FAILING in EUROPE and JAPAN.

I finally sold my ps3 on EBAY. It has no games and is FAILING in EUROPE and JAPAN.

I finally sold my ps3 on EBAY. It has no games and is FAILING in EUROPE and JAPAN.

I finally sold my ps3 on EBAY. It has no games and is FAILING in EUROPE and JAPAN.

I finally sold my ps3 on EBAY. It has no games and is FAILING in EUROPE and JAPAN.

I finally sold my ps3 on EBAY. It has no games and is FAILING in EUROPE and JAPAN.

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TANOD4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

PS3 is already around 85% of x360's total sales in EU.By march 2008 it would overtake x360's total sales in EU

Ofcourse with MGS4 ,FF13,KZ2 and RESISTANCE 2 ps3 would be ruling NA as well as other regions


MS gained advantage when Halo 3 was released. It is not about booting Ps3 in NA since NA is also PS3's territory. Many PS2 owners would convert to PS3 when MGS4/GTA4 is launched.

PS3 will outsell x360 when MGS4 and GTA4 are launched in NA. 2008 remains to be PS3's year even in NA as well

Gaara_7244567d ago

as much as i respect u stickin up for the ps3 but it will take more than that to get ps3 to own NA i beleve m$ and nintendo will put sony out of NA untill 2009 when there god of war 3 and more stuff but in 2008 sony will boot m$ out of europe and japan (lol they cant even sell 10,000 a week in japan) and it will defonetly slow the wii's sale rate man i actualy think ps3 will sell maybe at the least 3 million in japan the day ff13 comes out and at least 1 million when ffvs3 comes out (they wont sell as much coz every one wout have boght it for the 1st one??) well thats what i think annyway if it means annything
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Fisher3394567d ago

13mill consoles sold from now till next jan.

Brian52474567d ago

PS3 outsold 360 sales worldwide by 100k last week, and has been consistently over the past few months. Sad that even a PS3 fan site is so disillusioned due to media bias and anti-PS3 news.

TANOD4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

PS3 has every chance to overtake x360 in terms of lifetime sales.

However it could fall shaort by a little margin


are u smokong weed?

even without JAPAN sales ps3 is beating x360 by 60 000 units last week

check the front page of Vgcharts

PS3 n/a 143,771 246,814 390,585

X360 n/a 188,145 142,155 330,300

n/a is the Japanese sales which is not in. however expect atleast a 50 000 units difference

Snukadaman4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

Maybe in your world, it beat it by 100K but vgchartz has the ps3 winning by 43K...maybe you should check the chartz before you comment..
that 100K was before they added the North American numbers...

@tanod ...and for your front page nonsense....theres no update from north last week....forza 4 at 31st with 49K...where are those 200K numbers from north america...thats right..they are not there yet..... you read....this is from december 22nd..where the ps3 beat the xbox by 43K

@thetwelve how can that prediction be right when these charts are from dec 29th...2007?

TheTwelve4567d ago

Still, Snuka, the #5 prediction on is proving to be false even before 2008.----12

EZCheez4567d ago

The week of 29 Dec shows PS3 outselling by over 60,000.

And how can you guys honestly tell what information has been included on the VGCharts worldwide list and what hasn't? That's an honest question because I looked for it before replying and could find anything on the 29 Dec list that said what was and was not included.

Snukadaman4567d ago

count the number of forza mortorsport 4's on the worldwide sales charts...for dec 29th its at 49K...since the bundle is only a north american exclusive those numbers would be more...say about 200K ..if you look at last weeks updated dec 22nd worldwide charts...they have been updated too show that the ps3 beat the xbox 360 by 43K..with a updated forza 4 numbers at 333K

now you can see this weeks worldwide charts have not been updated I guess because of the holiday hence the 49K forza motorsports 4 numbers...

mark094567d ago

Or you can just click 'Home' in the upper left hand corner and you will see what has been included and what hasnt for the week of the 29th.
and yes its outselling by 60k so far, without the Japanese numbers being added yet.

Snukadaman4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

Even motorstorm numbers....which are also bundles in north america are not even added too those world numbers...cant wait until those numbers change and reflect north america...thankfully next week since theres no holiday there wont be any of these shenanigans again.

whats even funnier is people accept that japan numbers has not been added yet..but magically north american numbers are added yet both have not been updated from the 22nd...japan since the 23rd.

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DiLeCtioN4567d ago

i think the PS3 will sell a lot with more exclusive games coming this yr and am sure old fans will want to play them again.

Spike474567d ago

if the ps3 sold the same amount of consoles as the 360 in 2007( I don't mean monthly I mean the same as the 360's first year) with no games, a startling price, and just totally crappy commercials then 2008 will certainly be nice for sony and the ps3. Titles like mgs4, killzone2, and ff13 will shift units. New IPS that push innovation in gaming further like littlebigplanet will also shift units.

the pricetag will no longer stand in the way of the ps3's sucess.

plus, HOME will improve psn and this time atleast there can be a battle between live and psn cause right now live is way better.

yup, the ps3 will do good in 2008, hopefully they've shaked off alll of the bad karma.

But we must remember that ms and nnetndo will not stand and watch as sony tries to make a comeback and take back their throne.