Call of Duty 3 - Multiplayer Screenshots!

Check out these multiplayer screenshots taken directly from the video, showing clearly the HUD display where you can see the differing classes of soldier - the medic carrying a syringe for instance, support guys with an ammo box and some nice looking anti-personnel mines!

Game modes seen vary from Capture the Flag, Team Death Match and Headquarters (which appears to be 'area' based now) Note the ability to ride the motorbike and sidecar or man the gun on the jeep whilst your partner drives.

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Asylumchild5849d ago

This might not be that bad. It might be like a socom navy seals with WW2 guns. It defently wont be better then call of duty2 for sure.

Mr Murda5849d ago

I don't see any "uber" improvements, but the graphics are a little more polished. Hopefully the controls and gameplay are tightened a little more. However, the explosions/fire are looking amazing. I'm pumped.

I don't agree that it "wont be better than CoD2". You don't know until you play it.

Optimus Prime5849d ago

this game looks great. i cant wait to play this. call of duty 2 was a great game. i hope this will be too