VG Chartz interviews The Market Sage's Sean Wargo, former NPD analyst

In November, Sean Wargo, who currently works at, and formerly worked at NPD approached VG Chartz to learn more about the processes behind VG Chartz. After speaking for a few weeks, VG Chartz administrator asked if Wargo would be up for an interview to shed some light on NPD, and how VG Chartz is perceived on the outside. The text is a slightly edited version of their conversation.

Topics include:

• The market share represented in NPD coverage, i.e., NPD's methodology

• NPD's pricing and main customers

• NPD's coverage in North America as well as Europe, Asia and the rest of the world

• The prospect of the Big Three; who will win win this generation, and how much market share each of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will end up getting

• When the Big Three will release their next consoles

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grimygunz4038d ago

one way to get some understanding of why vgchartz is getting soo much respect. they know they don't have the same amount of resources yet they are still dramatically close to npd numbers.

vgcharts uses 2%-3% retailers info and get similar numbers to npd that uses 60%-65% retailers info.

its also show that vgchartz and NPD both are not 100% accurate on the numbers but within a + or - 5% error.

Blademask4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Wow.. so that just solidified that VGchartz isn't as much BS as we all thought.

Kill Crow4038d ago

When it showed PS3 sales as lower than 360 *rollseyes*

Zhuk4038d ago

I think what it shows is that both VGChartz and NPD never really provide the entire picture of how a product is selling. While its certainly nice to have an indicator and you can reasonably predict how a console sold in a period of time by having a limited sample at the same it is just an incomplete picture and will always be inaccurate, as it can be seen by the varying degrees of accuracy these reports are shown to have every month, sometimes they are close other times they are way off the mark