Gamer wins Nissan in XBL tournament, wants girlfriend

In Pewaukee, Wisconsin, for a 20-year-old college junior majoring in Finance, winning a brand new Nissan car in an Xbox Live tournament was apparently not enough. Dan Otto beat out thousands of other gamers playing the Nissan Sentra SE-R Forza Motorsport 2 Online Tournament. He then topped the remaining four of the competition in the Grand Final Round at the L.A. Auto Show in November.

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skagrerrrr4037d ago

you need to get out of that couch first. LOL

GITPWNED4037d ago

if that's his face, he need more help than a car

Darkiewonder4037d ago

and you can have a girlfriend in 2 seconds flat.

killax35634037d ago

I don't get the joke, is there a lot of guys pretending to be girls on myspace or just a lot of girls who like to add people as 'friends'? I never really visited myspace and have no intention of doing so.

LJWooly4037d ago

Aw, I actually feel sorry for this guy. Imagine not being able to have the confidence to talk to girls and get a date. That's a real shame, I hope he does do well with girls in the future.

ravinash4037d ago

He just needs to cruise round in his new ride, pull up and tell the girls to jump in. No pun on the Xbox slogan intended.

ElementX4037d ago

Is that a pic of him? Do something about that hair, first of all. Bangs down to your eyes isn't cool

ElementX4037d ago

well, if I didn't i wouldn't have a mop like that.

EZCheez4037d ago

"If I did."

I will agree with you though. His hairdo is straight out of an episode of Welcome Back Kotter.

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The story is too old to be commented.