FFXIII and Versus Official Playstation Magazine UK Scans

Official Playstation Magazine UK has Final Fantasy XIII and Versus in their Big 10 Stories this issue with a summary of most of the news we've received over the past year.

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pwnsause4033d ago

read the 4th scan, are they saying that all that stuff that was going on the Final Fantasy Vs.XIII trailer was all in-engine? because if so, then COT DAMN!!!

mesh14032d ago

haha stop smoking crack ,also this game shud be called slim SHADY THE INFO THEY GIVE IS SOO GOD DAME SLIM AND SO DAMN SHADY U THINK WIL THIS GAME BE RELEASED IN 2009

ash_divine4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

good one, troll

Sevir044033d ago

i cant wait for them to put it out... at this point i dont know which one i want more, versus or just 13... all i know is i'm getting both first day ^^

Darkiewonder4033d ago

I remember seeing Jade in it O.o

mintaro4033d ago

damn those games are gonna be awesome, cant wait

FamilyGuy4033d ago

Im getting both first day as well, unless i find out something EXTREMELY off-putting about one/both of the games

Amazon has the release date set as Dec 1st. I hope it comes sooner than that.

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The story is too old to be commented.