Small, but new Silent Hill V Screens in OPM

Some new Silent Hill V screenshots from the "HD TV Buyer's Guide" section of this months Official Playstation Magazine.

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ngg123454036d ago

The game looks so grainy. I can't say I'm umpressed with the graphics.

MADGameR4036d ago

But it looks effin GREAT!! GREAT games don't ALWAYS have to have the best graphics. If you can't appreciate the game because you think the graphics are horrible then don't get the game?

BachelorBrit4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Of course the graphics look grainy because these screenshots are scanned from a magazine. Also the Silent Hill series is well known for the "grainy" look in the games as well I am guessing you have never played a Silent Hill game? I have seen these exact pictures in another magazine (Games TM) and the graphics look amazing, they look pretty "next-gen" to me.

I think The Collective can hold their own with this game too, Konami would not of chose them at random. The Collective had to prove to Konami that they could handle this kind of project and you know what I think they can.

I predict a late 2008 release for the game too (October/November), this is definitely one of my most anticipated games of 2008.