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Xbox is the BEST4040d ago

No Alan wake
No Too Human
No Warhound
for the 360 but they put up multi platform games. Some list, but we know that the 360 will dominate again in 2008.

mintaro4040d ago

don't know about dominate, cuz there's gonna be some stiff competition coming from both the ps3 and the wii

ash_divine4040d ago

even I'll admit that was a little cold, but in a funny way. Good indication of 360 has coming up j/k(could not resist).

Darkiewonder4040d ago

I don't know why they put up FFXIII on that list. They should throw in White Knight Chronicles though. NOVEMBER! ;3

Zhuk4040d ago

I really hate 'most wanted' lists, as it is really difficult to predict buying trends for games that are coming out this year (except of course for well established IPs). One of the good things about 2007 was the strong support new IPs received and I for one hope to see that this will continue in 2008.

Another thing I hate about these lists is that they are always going to very limited, to the point of being exclusionary of great titles that are on many gamers 'most wanted' lists. Many great games coming out this year will need all the press they can get and I dont think that these lists really are helpful by framing and limiting what the 'most wanted' games are in peoples minds

Horny4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

i agree

well its just another way to hype games, telling people what they want

Horny4040d ago

should have made it top 5 and added god of war 3 and killzone 2. Little big Planet instead of home because home is not a game.

for the 360, well they are just morons because they only named multiplatform, no ninja gaiden, alan wake, and halo wars.

heyheyhey4040d ago

i admit it was kinda harsh to just post multiplat games on the 360 section but then again nothing they could post could match the sheer might of the ps3 line-up(and thats just exclusives im talkin here) take a look for yourselves: