Most Wanted Games In Japan

Famitsu has released the most wanted games by its readers.

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Psychonaughty3420d ago

Lol at how insular Japan is...not a single western game on the list shows how narrow minded a people they are, is it any wonder the Japanese industry is flailing?! I wish it wasn't true though.

3420d ago
tarbis3420d ago

The same can be said for western audiences. They treat Japanese games as niche when they're not but actually better than some western games.

pucpop3420d ago

or maybe jap games are better

Drainage3420d ago

thats a solid list. what, you want them to add Halo 4?

Ronaldo853420d ago

If only they knew that the grass was greener on the other side. I have not played a Japanese game since the good old PS2 days. The Japanese are brain washed nationalists and they don't like games that aren't made in Japan.

TheUnbiasedLion3420d ago

You are missing out some amazing games out and some even more amazing games coming.

Just saying don't block your gaming horizon.

knifefight3419d ago

Oh no! My opinion isn't popular in another country!
They must be brainwashed nationalists!

SandwichHammock3420d ago

off topic:
Wow, except for Drainage, you people are on a racist role. Congrats!