Microsoft vs. Sony: The Fighting Game

People have speculated since Super Smash started how a Sony fighting game or a Microsoft one would be. Since Sony does have more mascots and franchise characters, it could be easy enough to see a Sony fighting game. However, Microsoft is no slouch. They have plenty of people that could be thrown into the mix. A Microsoft vs. Sony fighting game would be too epic in scope to even see released.

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live2play2461d ago

the PS3 wins i think.
right off the box able to have a wireless connection,
free online
more exclusives compared to xbox ALONG with the multiplatform games

Smashbro292461d ago

Dude its about a Vs. Style fighting game.

Sony wins though. No contest. Master Chief can only get them so far.

Gaming1012461d ago

lol its too bad Garrus from Mass Effect, the Big Daddy from Bioshock, Frank West from Dead Rising and Ryu from Ninja Gaiden are no longer xbox exclusives (Ninja Gaiden Sigma is actually exclusive on PS3 lol), which sortof debunks the xbox list. It's too bad they're struggling to find good exclusive characters... maybe those bikin-clad bimbos from the Dead or Alive series? lol ha

blue7_72461d ago

@gaming101 Microsoft has way better mascots than those listed. It's as if the person who made the list just listed the top 10 he could come up with in a minute. Just RARE alone has many great mascots like banjo,conker,battletoads, kameo etc.

live2play2461d ago

haha xD i just saw that
to be honest with these trash of "articles" i dont even bother to read them anymore, not even the short description
just the reading of the title is all the time and attention theyll get from me

CarlitoBrigante2461d ago

Does Microsoft have even another character beside Masterchief? It will be a pretty lonely game lol.

playboi282461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Yeah, and technically, Solid Snake isn't Sony exclusive either. Even before the release of the MGS HD Collection, MGS2 Substance was ported to Xbox.

Same thing with Dante. DMC4 was release on both systems. Let's keep this fair people!

iChii2460d ago

This article is so stupid lol.

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live2play2461d ago

yea i just saw that xD i wondered what everyone was talking about

im just so used to flaim bait "articles" that i dont bother reading anymore

i thought they meant the console "war"

killerhog2461d ago

A Sony/ps3 brawler would be better. Sonys diverse set of characters and their background would make for a fun brawl game. On-the-hand, halo vs forza cars would get boring after a while.

ljh2172460d ago

Definitely. Playstation is on it's third console and second portable so it will have more characters. Still, I wouldn't count out microsoft just yet. Here's my Xbox roster:

Darth Malak (KOTOR)
Bastilla (KOTOR)
Conker (Conkers Bad Fur Day)
Banjo Kazooie
Joanna Dark
Reaver (Fable 2 & 3)
Kaim Argonor (Lost Odyssey)
Master Chief (Halo)
The Arbiter (Halo)
Marcus Fenix (Gears)
General RAAM (Gears)
Crackdown Agent

I would be happy to give up a couple of characters that started on the N64 to be able to include characters that started exclusively on the xbox but aren't exclusive anymore (Ninja Gaiden, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Dead Rising etc).

b-real2461d ago


CaCl does not read the article and interprets the heading to be some sort of console comparison - and due to the pathetic amount of Sony bias around here he STILL manages 26 agrees.

You are all moronic.

live2play2461d ago

you are right in all accounts xD

for that i agree +1

i was completely off topic and still managed to get 29 agrees
(me thinks it was from others that didnt read the description)

YodaCracker2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Even if this article was not about fighting games and was yet another pointless PS3 vs 360 article, you still only stated one true fact out of those 3; free online.

As for the other two, every new 360 model includes wireless functionality right out of the box, and the PS3 most certainly does not have more exclusive titles than the 360, as you can see in the following two links:

360: 238 exclusive titles

PS3: 190 exclusive titles

Now as for the actual article, I can't comment because I have no interest whatsoever in fighting games.

kevinertia2460d ago

Sorry, I prefer quality over quantity.

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Muffins12232461d ago

Would never happen,but would be a cool idea

NukaCola2461d ago

Sony has enough history and characters to fill a fighter for days. Stages, themes, items, the works. I think they are more than in the bank.

I don't think MS should do a fighter based on the handful of characters. The majority of the MS list is multiplatform games anyway. MS needs to take the Kinect and Dr Suess books away from RARE and sit them down in front of a horror movie with a bloody steak and make those knuckle heads develop the next gen KILLER INSTINCT.

banner2461d ago

Killer instinct....

I have no idea why ms isnt doing anything with it, just a shame.. A long with crimson skies...

Tito082461d ago

It is rumored that Netherrealm is trying to acquire the rights for Killer Instinct, it remains to be seen since the last game was on N64, many years ago!!!!

banner2460d ago

Well they need to work that deal out if true. At this point i would rather have netherrealms work on it over rare... Screw them, let them have all the dr seuss fun they want, rare is just a name now anyway..

from the beach2461d ago

Duh, you totally forgot the car from Fourtsa on the MS list.

soundslike2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Super Smash Bro wasn't good ONLY because of the characters, the gameplay is solid as hell as well.

Fighting games are too easy to mess up, if they are doing this they better do it right.

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