gamesradar | Gaming's adolescence is over

There's a persistent argument constantly being thrown around in debates concerning the video game medium, and it's one that I find particularly vexing. "Gaming is an adolescent medium," they cry, "give it time to grow up!"

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madjedi3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

So if books, films are grownup/mature then what is the big deal really? Books and film continue to evolve and adapt to changing tastes, cultures and ideas there are plenty of books or movies that aren't the slightest bit mature.

But that depends on personal preference and one's definition of mature. And not always but usually movies are the poorer cousin of books, ie books are better and more detailed.

And yeah over a 100 yrs for film and however many thousands of yrs for books/written stories, vs 40-50 yrs for games.

I think games can be given a break since maybe the last 2-3 gens have been the only ones to try and create emotional connection with the player(ie the player cares about the character) and most of those were jrpgs with a few western games.