'Halo 3' cost £15 million ($30 million) to develop

Xbox 360 best-seller Halo 3 not only received rave reviews from the critics, but it is also likely to pick up gasps from industry outsiders after it was revealed that the game cost an estimated £15 million ($30 million) to develop, with several more millions spent on marketing.

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MaximusPrime4036d ago

"The average PS3 game is estimated to cost $15 million to develop."

and Halo 3 costs $30 million to develop. Big difference.

Jack Bauer4036d ago

actually the big difference is comparing the average PS3 game with one 360 game....

CeruleanSky4036d ago

Going by the 640p last gen looking graphics and last gen laggy P2P networking 29 million of the budget must have went to marketing and paying off review sites with things like the 1000 dollar Halo 3 'gift bag' that was sent to reviewers.

With about 1 million to repackage Halo 2 with new box art and throw in a map editor.

crazypuppet4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

cod4 isnt either oh and for the idiot who posted this £15 million is about $22 million not 30

resistance1004036d ago

@ crazypuppet

We get just over $2 for every £1. So if anything the £15million is closer to around $31million.

All thanks to the USA's current extremly week economy

crazypuppet4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

its $1.48 for 1 euro, and the us my have a big trade deficit but it is still the biggest economy in the world

MaximusPrime4036d ago

1.3 - you called me an idiot?

resistance100 is correct - "We get just over $2 for every £1. So if anything the £15million is closer to around $31million. All thanks to the USA's current extremely week economy "

I dont think you are from UK.

Douche4036d ago

Man, what a waste of money. They could have at least tried to use the money towards making a good game. But instead they just remade Halo: CE in HD and gave it a new name. Well, it was almost in HD :p

Lemons4036d ago

Re-read the title again. You will notice that it is £15 million (the '£' symbol meaning Pounds Sterling), and not Euro's !

Try heading back to and trying that little conversion again, this time using the correct currencies.

Douche4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

It's just been confirmed that you're a dumbass.

Every 1 pound sterling isn't OVER 2 American dollars. It's under. Not much, but it is only 1.9 each. Not 2+

rofldings4036d ago

Doesn't matter, it's been over $2 plenty of times over the last few months. Anyway, still doesn't change the fact that the dumbass thought:

₤ = €


Mr PS34036d ago

But in reality it looks like a dollar !!
All green and crinkled

bababrooks4036d ago

burry your head in the sand fanboy!

drewdrakes4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Amount of pixels per frame:
1080p - 2073600
720p - 921,600
640p - 728,320

Taking in to account Halo 3 renders 2 frames per frame shown (HDR lighting) that means it renders 1,456,640 pixels. More then 1.5 times the amount a 720p frame contains. Therefor rendering more then all of your 720p games :)

Edit to below: Good call :)

gaffyh4036d ago

Wow $30 Million and the game isn't even that good. What the hell did they spend that $30 million on??? I would have expected much better graphics and gameplay for that sort of money.

I think they spent a lot on voice actors, the voice acting is very good.

Prismo_Fillusion4036d ago

"Taking in to account Halo 3 renders 2 frames per frame shown (HDR lighting) that means it renders 1,456,640 pixels. More then 1.5 times the amount a 720p frame contains. Therefor rendering more then all of your 720p games :)"

Unless your 720p game uses HDR lighting.

gamesR4fun4036d ago

personally I suspect they spent an awful lot of money hyping this game (More than their saying the press aint cheap) if the accountants could hide a few 10 or 20 million in the dev cost Im pretty sure they would.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4035d ago

Didn't COD4 win many graphics of the year awards?

Hey look what I found
COD4 (360) 1024×600p 2xAA
COD4 (PS3) 1024×600p 2xAA
Uncharted (PS3) 960×1080 in 1080p <--What not true 1080p? I'm shocked

Neither Call of Duty 4 or Uncharted run in the actual resolutions.

"The reason most games do this is to allow for more visual effects to be rendered to the screen without slowing the game down. Most won’t ever notice or care but it’s kind of interesting to find out the actual resolutions that games render in. Here are some more recent ones along with a huge list of older releases from the pixel counter at Beyond3D."

Def Jam: Icon (PS3) 1152×648
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (PS3) 1920×1080 FullHD
Transformers (PS3) 960×1080
Pirates of the Caribbean (PS3 720p): 960×720
Pirates of the Caribbean (PS3 1080p): 780×1080
Oblivion (360): 1024×600 (PS3 version is full 720p)
ICO (PS2): 512×224p (less than Tekken on PS1 at 512×240)
VF5 (PS3 720p): 1024×1024 (same as 360)
VF5 (PS3 1080p): 1024×768
Here are some older discoveries from the same thread:

Full Auto 2: 1920×1080 AA 4x, bad framerate - PS3
NBA Street: 1920×1080 AA 4x (30-60fps) - 360
LocoRoco Cocoreccho 1920×1080 MSAA 2x -PS3
Tony Hawk Project 8: 1040×584 AA - 360
Tony Hawk Project 8: 1280×720 - PS3
Virtua Tennis 3: 1920×1080 AA 2x - PS3, 360
XMB: 1920×1080p - PS3
Dashboard: 1280×720p - 360
Perfect Dark Zero: 1138×640p - 360
Halo 3: 1152×640p - 360
Call of Duty 3: 1120×630p 360
Ninja Gaiden Sigma: 1280×720p PS3
Project Gotham Racing 3: 1024×600 360
Tomb Raider: 1024×600 360
Ridge Racer 7:
NBA 07: 1920×1080 - PS3
NBA 08: 1920×1080 - PS3
Tony Hawk Proving Ground: 600p - PS3
Tony Hawk Proving Ground: 720p - 360
GRAW2: 720p - PS3
GRAW2: 720p AA 2x - 360
Super Rub a Dub: 1600×1080 - PS3
GTHD: 1440×1080 - PS3
Super Stardust HD: 1280×1080 - PS3
Skate: 1536×864 - PS3
Skate: 1280×720 AA - 360
Bioshock: 1280×720 - 360
Harry Potter: 1280×720 MSAA 2x PS3 ?
Pixel Junk Racers: 1920×1080 PS3
Heavenly Sword: 1280×720 AA 4x PS3
Blast Factor Demo: 1920×1080 PS3
The Darkness Demo: 1024×576 PS3

OMG OMG OMG!!! it's a shocker <--- for proof

Wow! that has got to make many of you feel real freaking stupid but then again your droids so I wasn't expecting much upstairs anyway. I hate to sound arrogant (HEHE yeah right) but all you PS3rd Droids just got pwned by pure freaking truth. Time for more of you to put me on ignore. Just a suggestion but if I were you I would STFU about the 600p thing because most of the world (even gaming mags) have all seen this same thing, it was reported "EVERYWHERE" and it kinda makes you look "dee dee dee"

Have a nice day :)

MaximusPrime4035d ago

as per 02/01/08 at 1321 hrs (GMT):

according to conversion

15.00 GBP = 29.7044 USD

Yes you are all dumbass. The exchange rate changes from time to time. So $30 is the nearest dollar.

MaximusPrime4035d ago


XMB: 1920×1080p - PS3
Dashboard: 1280×720p - 360


BIGBAER4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Halo 2 is still selling very well with current lifetime sales listed as 8,450,000 units. In this context, Halo 2's $40 million spent for development and marketing come across as genius well-spent!

LINK: [ ]

Halo 3 offers much more than Halo 2 in every area. Halo 3 has rightfully taken the crown as Best Multiplayer Console Game from Halo 2. Halo 3, as Halo and Halo 2 before it, will continue to sell well over the next several years.

Halo 3:
Unique Players (Last 24 Hours): 920,680
Matches Logged (Last 24 Hours): 2,427,262
UNSC Campaign Kill Count: 4,362,348,615

LINK: [ ]

Nearly 2.5 million matches played in the last 24 hours.... Yeah, it's all hype! LOL

Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3 have done pretty well indeed! Halo Wars will be interesting---very interesting!



To all who insist, wrongly, that Halo 3 was 'hyped' - You can only label something as hyped when it fails to live up to expectations and most importantly, sales projections. Halo 3 has surpassed both.

One million unique players daily is pretty damned impressive for a two and a half month old video game.

HALO 3 was MARKETED, not hyped. Darned fine job of it too!

PopEmUp4035d ago

It's doesn't matter how much its cost to develop (30mill) so what but as you see M$ have make more than 3-4x the money they have spend on developing halo 3 so as you see they even starting to make profits out halo as well as the 360

GITPWNED4035d ago

Listening to you nerds argue about currency is flippin hilarious!!!! PLEASE, CONTINUE TO AMUSE ME!

And Halo destroys PS3. Suck it.

haloblows4035d ago

You're wrong.everything else destroys halo. Douchebag

lawman11084035d ago

Any PS3 Fan douche not understand the math?

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unsunghero284036d ago

And then they probably made a bajazillion bucks when the thing hit store shelves.

Somehow I doubt Microsoft was too distressed.

Vip3r4036d ago

I bet the other $15 million was spent of the drinks and other advertsing.

AuburnTiger4036d ago

"an estimated £15 million ($30 million) to develop, with several more millions spent on marketing."

LSDARBY4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

$30,000,000 and they couldnt even give it good graphics or efficient running online play, shame on you Bunji

Anyway isnt Killzone 2 costing like well over $50mill???

Tsukasah4036d ago

I thought it was 120 million or something... or that was the amount of devs wasnt it.. i would think 120 million for one game is wayyy too much anyways xD

CeruleanSky4036d ago

Killzone on the PS3 isn't anywhere near 50 million. It is supposed to be somewhere in the low 20s.

Regret4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

There was talk about 120mil dollar, not pounds.

EDIT, Found some news on google, it's actually 20mil dollars and it's most expensive game, well there's Halo 3 and maybe Shenmue over it.

pwnsause4036d ago

killzone 2 is about 20 Million dollars

resistance1004036d ago

Really acording to PSU (Uk mag) a few months ago the budget is set at 40million dollors (about £20million)

JBaby3434036d ago

They were in the mid 20's US. Who really knows though. It's anybody's guess so speculate away.

Back to the issue 30 mil seems a bit high. I liked the game ok but I was just bored with the series after the first two. Multiplayer is all it had to offer in my opinion so I would like to know how it stacks up against a multiplayer only game like warhawk or UTIII which does not have much of a singleplayer from what I've heard. Anyway you know Bungie more than made up the production cost. Profits FTW.

Kleptic4036d ago

KZ2 was confirmed to be over "20 million US dollars" only because it had beaten the highest dutch entertainment budget ever, which was some paul verhoeven movie or something...

and that was in a dutch newspaper...but then in interviews with GG and SCEE, rumors popped up of it potentially being double that...yet was never its unknown at this point, other than it is definitely over 20 million...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

You would think they would spend some of that money on a box of crayons or somthing to add color to KZ2. I mean hell the game looks like one of those old B&W war movies they tried to colorize in the 80s but instead it looked like crap. Have they spent that money on the CGI team so they can touch up all the screenshots and lie to everyone and say it's ingame? "No it's not a CGI movie it's gameplay" and "yeah we touched up those screenshot a little bit" those are quotes look it up if you think I'm lieing. XD

Kleptic4035d ago

haha Jason...

you are right...I wish KZ2 was purple and just as gay as Halo in art direction...seriously...that would be way better...

haloblows4035d ago

You would think they would actually spend money to make halo 2.5 have decent graphics and better gameplay, nope they spent it on marketing.

FunnyBone4035d ago

Halo 3 Budget -30 million
Halo 3 Marketing - Let's say 10 million

Total -Around 40 Million

You still only pay 60 dollars and MS I am sure made a nice penny off of it..

So why are the Sony Droids in here crying about it costing to much to make for what you get in the end???

I am sure 95% of the people that bought it are pleased...

Guess it's just another story for you Ps3 droids to troll....

At the end of the day,The consumer is happy Bungie is happy and MS is happy.....So if it cost 2 dollars or 200 million..They made PROFIT from it...


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IntelligentAj4036d ago

It doesn't really matter seeing as how the game made $300 million in the first week. The cost of the games aren't the problem if it's quality and has a good of chance of having a great ROI.