XboxNowOnline's Title of the Year Awards 2007

The guys over at got the XBO Title of the Year Awards article released.

Most Intense Teabagging Action- Halo 3
Most Innovative- BioShock
Most Action- Crackdown
Most Enviornmental- Stranglehold
Best Shooter- Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Arcade Game- Carcassone
Music Puzzler- Rock Band
Best RPG- Mass Effect
The XBO Title of the Year Award goes to: BIOSHOCK

Hit the break to see why the picked what they did. Worth a Read.

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unsunghero284038d ago

Good 360 lineup in 2007; that's not exactly a secret.

I'll be interested to see how next year shapes up, though. If there are a ton of AAA titles coming they sure haven't been announced yet.

JokesOnYou4038d ago

other than MGS4 whats so great about ps3 "exclusive" lineup then, I only hear about that, Killzone2 and LBP, one is a sequel of a mediocore game at best, and the other is a nitch type game that looks cool, FF is likely 2009, so whats all these "AAA's" sony has in your view while games like NG2, Alan Wake, SC: Conviction, Fable 2, Too Human, Halo Wars, and possibly getting Gears2 in 2008= so according to you these "announced games" aren't AAA but all the ???? ps3 ones are? ha ha so says the sonykid=