New Scans and Info of Alone in the Dark: Near Death Investigation

Alone in the Dark scans and information from the latest issue of the German PC Games magazine:

- The extremely realistic looking fire is the main gameplay element: it ignites objects one by one, chairs and tables will collapse after burning awhile, you can use it as a torch and weapon at once.
- Car physics are from Eden Games' Test Drive Unlimited.
- Release date: spring 2008.

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Skerj4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

o_O but TDU had crappy car physics!! I loved that game though. Back on topic they're doing everything I was hoping the Survival Horror genre would start doing yay! Nonlinear world, makeshift weapons (YES FINALLY!!), actual vehicle use, and environmental interaction. ATITD might snatch some glory back from Silent Hill and Resident Evil next year. I get to satiate my pyromaniac tendencies without those pesky fire marshals and police!!

Counter_ACT4032d ago

Wtf who cares about car physics in this type of game?

Graphics are bollocks, he looks like a plastic doll.

Bolts4032d ago

Looks like a survial horror version of McGuyver. Interesting.

Skerj4032d ago

I've longed for a McGuyver game, but never wanted it to happen because up until now I don't think any system could handle it. Or the devs wouldn't put the ambition behind it that they needed to with makeshift items. Now is the time, bring on the mullet, bring on the jacket, bring on Murdoch!! You are awesome for making that correlation, bubbles for you sir.

JS1HUNDRED4032d ago

If forum posts arent supposed to be approved on this site, then how does a baaaaadly translated forum post get approved?

stuntman_mike4032d ago

wish they would just release this game been waiting too damn long!

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