Gaming should sell out to global consumer brands before it's too late

From CVG's latest Devil's Advocate feature:

"Wake up and smell the Nescafé. There's a revolution at our door. And about time too. We all know the clichés: gaming is big and getting bigger; gaming accounts for a significant proportion of the disposable income of a significant number of people; gamers are a consumer group to be reckoned with. And it's all true.

So it stands to reason that the owners of the world's leading brands view gaming as the next 'big thing'. The subtle product placement we've already seen is just the tip of the iceberg - when they really get going the face of gaming will never be the same again. And it will be all the better for it."

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BlackIceJoe4033d ago

I hope that does not happen it would be a big sellout.

resistance1004033d ago

you can just imagin it now can't you.

Halo 4 will be known as 'Mountain dew presents Halo4'

mintaro4033d ago, freaky......

SaiyanFury4033d ago

I stopped watching TV primarily to get away from all the commercials. Now their wanting to do the same thing with games? Companies can kiss my @ss...

BlackCountryBob4033d ago

I quite like the idea of a shoot out in a baked beans factory :p

I'm not completely against advertising in games so long as it is tasteful and in keeping with the atmosphere that has been created.

MaximusPrime4033d ago

i'd like to see Nathan Drake (Uncharted) promote something. Pepsi Max?

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