Wii Zapper, Link's Crossbow Training Impressions

Loot Ninja was in Target the other day and noticed they had one Wii Zapper still sitting around. Since no one could find them one for Christmas, they decided they'd drop the $25 themselves and see what the hype is all about.

The Wii Zapper has a very solid construction and was fairly easy to setup. There's a nice cable management system on the bottom section of the Zapper so you don't have to look at the excess cord coming off the Nunchuck. There are two configurations for the Zapper as mentioned in the manual. The first is what you might imagine, with the Wiimote and Nunchuk inside the Zapper. The second involves removing the Nunchuck and using your left hand to manipulate that attachment on its own. Personally, they're all for having everything in one package.

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gamesR4fun4036d ago

Had this set up at the mall gave it a go on ZCT n it sucks 25 bucks for a little piece o plastic n it doesnt even aim decent...

sticky doja4036d ago

And I say that Links CRossbow training is worth the price itself. While I will agree that I am more accurate without the zapper, the zapper is really good for people that arent very good at video games. My 3 year old nephew couldnt understand how to shoot correctly until I let him use the zapper, and my girlfriends girlfriends use it and enjoy it.

WafflesID4036d ago

you are an idiot if you think this is meant to be used like a light gun where you literally AIM at the exact spot on the TV. That's not how the sensor bar works.

LanRanger4035d ago

The Wiimote actually can be "sight aimed" pretty accurately if the game allows proper configuration. Ghost Squad allows you to calibrate your Wiimote to your TV and turn off the aiming reticle and it works pretty well.

That said I love Link's Crossbow Training. The aiming is not 1:1 but who cares? (the holy grail of FPS mouse + keyboard isn't 1:1 either) The targeting reticle works very well and the game is a lot of fun.

WafflesID4035d ago

I have another game that allows calibration...but it's pretty pointless. You move a bit and it's off again. So I don't count that exactly.

Point is you don't use it to "sight" aim, and unfortunately people will think that's what it's for.

gamesR4fun4035d ago

well just my two cents an since I dont own a Wii I cant really say Im the best qualified to give an opinion. :P
Still 20+ bucks for what I held felt like a scam.... LCT was well made tho would be very cool with the old Nintendo zapper lol.

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taz80804036d ago

yeah this thing does not look terribly impressive, i like the shotgun version.