Sites of "Fanboys' News" AKA Rumours

According to A.S. Oumer of PSLegion:
"Lately, I have been surfing the Internet a lot those last few days to fill some of my free time. And guess what? I noticed, like many of you did, the questioned ''prosperity'' of "Fanboys' News". Let's take a deeper look at what's happening in the gaming world journalism, and shed some light on some of one of the controversies of these days...."

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name4038d ago

Thank God someone finally said something about this.

PirateThom4038d ago

Fansites are not sources be it MGS and FF going to 360 or BioShock and Mass Effect going to PS3.

Creating confusion is all it does and stops people from buying the consoles they want.

chrno64038d ago

It's quite sad that some xbox fanboys actully believe in xboxfamily about the news with respect to mgs4.

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The story is too old to be commented.