Hellboy: Science of Evil Achievements Revealed by x360a

The achievements for Hellboy: Science of Evil achievements have been revealed. The game has 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

It's a fairly balanced list, rewarding players for completing single player chapters, multiplayer chapters with a few weapon achievements and finding achievements thrown in for good measure.

x360a Recommends...

Achievement name: Goal!
What is required: Kick 50 Bambini Heads
How many points: 10

Very amusing.

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wil4hire4033d ago

I swear, you guys would play dig dug if it had achievements.

Obsessive compulsive disorder. I bet the 360 has more progress assisting the disorder than medication does though.

game on.

xbox360achievements4033d ago

Dig dug does have achievements ;)

Want me to link you or can you use Google?

BloodySinner4033d ago

Jealous much, wil4hire? Here, have a tissue to wipe away those fanboy tears.