Saying no to the MMO - Five things the genre needs to stop now

Games Radar's article on what MMOs need to stop doing:

"We've lost at a lot of MMOs over the years. That's the one thing we're pretty good at when it comes to them. After the initial period of infatuation with any given MMO we find ourselves helplessly obsessed with, we always lose. We lose track of what loot drops we wanted from what boss, what quest we were trying to clear, or why we even started playing in the first place. Every time we sever ourselves from whatever MMO we're addicted to, there's a part of us that swears we'll never touch another one again.

It's the part that remembers hearing adults arguing over imaginary in-game items, the part that remembers a good night sleep, and a diet not entirely consisting of microwave meals and canned goods. Here's what MMOs need to stop doing if we're ever going to jump back in for the long haul."

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Lex Luthor4034d ago

Grinding, plain and simple.

BloodySinner4034d ago

I had no idea that gold farming was THAT serious... Jesus.

SW4034d ago

I used to play alot of Phantasy Star Online in it's dreamcast incarnation. When the started the subscription based play that was it. I hate dropping 50-60 dollars on a game and then another 10-15 a month to play. I know that WoW has been huge to say the least. But no thanks. I'd play if there was a reasonable yearly subscription. Perfect example of how not to do things is PSO & FF XI on the 360. I pay my 50 a year and then Sega and Square expect me to pay more per month. Don't think so.

Skerj4033d ago

Agreed that PSO shouldn't have had a monthly fee with how it was set up, it wasn't a persistent world. Guild Wars currently has the same setup on a larger scale and it has no monthly fee. FFXI, yeah people who got that on 360 were in for a surprise but I thought Silver members could play online with that as well as long as they paid the sub fee.

Monthly fees for MMOs are trivial though considering the value you get IF the game is done right. The server maintenance, GM salary, developer salary for ongoing expansions and so forth stem from those. See a few tank because people don't play them and you'll know exactly why, hell Auto Assault just met that fate recently. Once you play those ad ridden crapass free to play MMOs you'll see why sub fees are needed.

Nevers4033d ago

spent $40-$60 already... not paying for the priviledge to play a game I have already purchased.

The other aspect that I'm a bit tired of... fighting wasps, spiders, and basically farm animals for the first 20hrs of your new character's life... whoofrickin'whooooo!!!! You now have "earned" enuf to get that upgraded weapon. From a wooden sword to Yay.. a copper sword!!! Grinding when you're a badass can actually be fun... grinding as a pud and paying real money to do so for hours on end will never be my thing.

supermandead6664034d ago

MMO is a waste of time and money.

Regret4034d ago

Waist half day every day and it doesnt even cheer you up at the end. All you get is 2 hours of sleep before job.

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The story is too old to be commented.