What does CES hold in-store for the HD DVD vs Blu-ray war?

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is almost upon us, and what, if anything, does this annual Geek Nirvana hold in-store for the HD DVD vs Blu-ray war.

The CES show starts January 7th in Las Vegas, and as tech fiends from around the world descend on Sin City, rumors are abounding about what will happen in the high definition format war. Of course the question remains if consumers will even care, but only time will tell on that front.

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bigshynepo4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

This was retarded. Thanks for the no info. "Jeez guys, lets all get together and speculate about something we know nothing about and then post it to for web traffic...then have a big circle jerk."

Who approves this sh!t? Oh, thanks Bloodmask. Someone remove this fool's privileges.

Yo Mama4034d ago

Like I always say about being a contributer here. It's more about quality of posts, not quantity. Some need to learn that.

socomnick4034d ago

more useless format wars news

mikeslemonade4034d ago

Blu-ray had a bigger showing last CES, so what makes this editor think that HD-DVD will have a chance.

Darkiewonder4034d ago

Cheaper blu-ray players with the talk of Profile 2.0 or whatever the next number is.

Toshiba will unveil a new HD-DVD player and drive that will have neat perks.

heyheyhey4034d ago

yea its funny how that one company holds the fate of the outcome of the format war, its a shame that they went for both formats and decided not to side with blu-ray cause then blu-ray would win which would mean hd-dvd lose and therefore it becomes a bonus for the ps3 which is always good

bigshynepo4034d ago

Wanna know what I think...

Microsoft is going to announce something big regarding HD-DVD...either a whole new sku with a built-in drive or a newly revamped x-box that is even more home-media-center oriented than the one they have.

Toshiba is going to announce some more horribly screwed number and tout some big sales over the year (YTD SA hardware sales w/o PS3 and transformer/bourne sales figures will be heard FOR SURE). They will announce some new drives for desktops/laptops although I bet we won't see any new HD-DVD CE's jumping on board unless they are chinese "same-same-but-different& quot; players. Toshiba will have a new hardware lineup that may include DVR functionality or HD-DVD recording.

Sony will announce further hardware CEs coming on board, blu-ray HTiBs, more computer integration with Blu, they will talk about how great they did this year and talk up worldwide market penetration. Blu will declare the war is over AGAIN. There may be futher blu-ray integration into auto electronics and TVs with built in blu-ray players.

We won't hear from warner about a change in market strategy. We will hear from Disney and Fox that they will only be increasing their efforts with BD and will again refute any talk about going neutral.
We won't see weinstien. We will hear about a huge franchise coming to high-def media...

Snukadaman4034d ago

With older xbox 360's prone too RROD still..why put a hd-dvd in it and in fact make it with the add on works just fine for me...dont cram it down our throats....its also safe too agree that this should of been done ages ago too give people the option too get the hd-dvd internal or add on....but if the microsoft announcement has anything to do with hd-dvd...I look to see this format war going on longer then most of you think...because now microsoft will officially back hd-dvd instead of sitting in the shadows....and expect more money hats....can sony keep up with giving out bogo free sales and are they able too pay off warner bros too go exclusive...we shall see...

whoelse4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Everyone wants Warner to go to Blu-ray except the HD DVD camp and small fanbase because if they do, they format war will be over, otherwise, 5 years time, they could both be here if Warner chose to go HD DVD.

The Dude4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Everyone wants Warner to go to HD-DVD except the Blu-ray camp and sony fanboys.

Bladestar4034d ago

"Everyone"? lol... wow... I guess it's true that Sony fanboys think that they are the only ones that exist in the world...

IntelligentAj4034d ago

That's a personal opinion right? Just checking and looking at the sales of the players, a minority one at that.

wallace10004034d ago

"Everyone"? I think not. That is some very wishful thinking you have there. You do know that if you tell yourself something enough over and over again, it doesn't make it true :-P
I think you mean that every blu-ray player owner wants warner to go blu-ray.

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