The Games (Killer Apps) of 2008

John Gaudiosi, January 1, 2008 -- While there are still a lot of games that haven't been announced yet, with the new year, it's worth taking a look at some of the games that are going to be ringing in the cash when the ball drops for 2009. 2008 was a stellar, record-setting year in the videogame industry, and 2008 should top those records (assuming Wii demand continues). There are certainly plenty of killer apps coming out on the software side.

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mintaro4034d ago

heh ghostbuster? cant really imagine that it's a 'killer' app

BloodySinner4034d ago

... it's not a game that would make people want to go out and rush to buy a PS3, unlike Metal Gear Solid 4. Assuming the game turns out to be kick-ass.

TheIneffableBob4034d ago

It's also missing StarCraft II, Left 4 Dead, and Spore.

Barreldragon004034d ago

Nice list, but i do agree with Peace LBP should be ut there too.

crazypuppet4034d ago

a killer app is something that causes alot of hardware sales and justifies buying a system, and although all those games will sell alot none of them are killer apps

resistance1004034d ago

So Metal Gear Solid isn't a killer app?

THAMMER14034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I have a question for you two. Why should LBP be on a list of Killer games? I would like to know what you think. I see LBP as way to get people and friends connected online with PS3 but other than that it is a cut and past 3D side scroller.

I thought the list was fair.

edit: @FamilyGuy LOL your bing a smart @ss. Most people that are actually interested or even know what the game is think it mite be fun. I doubt it will sell consoles completely. I'm not saying that because I'm a 360 fan (I'm sure you know I am.) But I too have been looking and waiting for more than a year for a game to make me want to buy a PS3 LBP is not one of them. I guess I would play that game with my lil girl. She has earned bout 300 achivments from Viva Pinyata so whois to say should not like Playing LBP. LBP is no killer App sorry dude but "NO".

FamilyGuy4034d ago

Little Big Planet LOOKS LIKE FUN.
If you and your family were to be setting at home, watching television and a commercial for LBP came on most families would be interested in the game. Everyone I've shown the trailer too thought it looked like fun so there's a good chance that this game WILL sell consoles.

Selling many consoles = Killer App.

Why do we call them "apps", they aren't "applications" they're games, i find that weird :/

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The story is too old to be commented.