Rumor: Orange Box patch might be on the horizon (PS3)

PS3 Fanboy writes: It's no secret the PS3 version of Orange Box is inferior to the PC and 360 version due to the unforgivable amounts of bugs and bad coding. Many gamers have voiced their displeasure about the game, and one upset gamer, who purchased the game despite the highly publicized problems, posted a thread on Valve's forums. Soon after, a Valve employee responded to address his complaints.

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Mr_Kuwabara4037d ago

If this is true, it's great to see Valve cleaning the mess that EA did towards there awesome collection of games.

Nasim Shmee TANOD4036d ago

Its Sony's mess that needs to be cleaned up. The PS3 has an awful development support associated with it. ALL companies are having difficulty creating AAA games. Lack of RAM and the CELL is whats holding things back. I just sold my PS3 on ebay. I got sick of waiting....its BS. The 360 is still winning in EUROPE and the US. Japan is a dead market for next gen gaming.

The PS3 and the Muslims are ruining the good world. Believe in Jesus and eat some pork sammiches.

Lucreto4037d ago

Hopefully it is true. I keep getting kicked out of Team Fortress after 5 minutes.

wil4hire4037d ago

I am still beyond amazed at how stupid EA looks when complaining about the PS3 hardware, yet Infinity Ward can deliver GOTY Call of Duty 4 with no problems at all.

I didn't buy Orange box for a few reason, one. I still play HL2 on my PC, but the second was definitely due to EA working on the PS3 port. I hate to think it, but I know its going to be seen by EA's suits as "See, this game isn't selling well. Its the PS3's fault." When in reality, EA is known in the PS3 community as half-ass-f*cktards that pick and choose which ports to pull off well. I am utterly confused because they half ass a release like Skate, but then turn around and blow my mind with the latest Burnout.

Orange box is a great package for those of you that haven't touched Hl2 in the past 4 years. Portal is tons of fun as well. The source engine isn't a technical marvel anymore. It was when it first came out, yes. Sad that EA cant keep their quality control in line. Wonder if they could even port Wolfenstein:3d without failing.

rev204037d ago

Burnout is not developed by EA there is your answer.

gnosis4037d ago

Well, this seems like a stretch but would be welcome in any case.

I haven't seen too many problems on the PS3 version(other than stutters while saving) and have yet to see anything a miss with TF2. I've actually really enjoyed playing though HL again, and that's quite the complement coming from a PC snob :o)

May even help repair some of the damage Jaffre has done within the PS3 community.

captainpwn4037d ago

Lazy devs like EA should stick to working on the 360. All they have to do on it is make horrible games, and 360 owners will gobble it up because their precious Peter works there.

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The story is too old to be commented.