Moore on Wii prospects

Microsoft's Peter Moore reckons that the Nintendo Wii might end up being left on the shelf and pulled out at parties.

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ChickeyCantor5859d ago

the problem is, allot of ppl dont see the quality that nintendo delivers...only the one's who understand will play more on the Wii.

atleast thats what i think..
when zelda comes out and allot of FPS ill be playing like crazy!

wulfgar885859d ago

after reading that articule i came to the conculsion that i couldnt disagree more. as a casual gamer (hanging out with friends and playing some games like 2-3 times a week) the wii easily is more then just something for parties. ppl say youll get bored with the motion comtrol...but i mean as a gamer i find myself getting bored with graphics just as easily. i mean you visually do something incredible in a game and are like WOW...then you do it again, and again etc until it really isnt that amazing...the direction the wii is taking us seems to breath some new life into gaming.

PS360WII5859d ago

Disagree with this artical. Plus he's saying that 360 is only for college guys with broadband. Way to sell yourself short

Marriot VP5859d ago

that was an example smart guy

wulfgar885859d ago

but why would you want to give such a limited example?

Killswitch5859d ago

To me the wii is a betting console unlike any other. Now when I go around the way and chill what my peoples and someone wants to get into a gaming challenge and throw some money on the table. Guess what I’m in for some Boxing, Fighting, Madden, NCAA football, what ever the challenge might be I’m in. Cause you actually get to play it out ain’t no more man your buttons stuck or one of my controllers broke. No No No You just some shytt in the game just live up to it…..