First Tests: AMD's Phenom CPU Won't Scare Intel

Jon. L. Jacobi, PC World, January 01, 2008:

AMD's new CPU has impressive technology but turns in disappointing performance. Can AMD remain competitive if its high-end processor isn't much faster than a year-old Intel CPU?

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mboojigga4033d ago

No one should be shocked by this.

LJWooly4033d ago

No one will be, and I don't think anyone will care, either.

The PC section of this site is basically dead. No one cares about anything other than consoles anymore, it seems.

Rice4033d ago

I will stick to AMD's with laptops and intels for desktops. For now....

Ferrite4033d ago

umm, so Intel are 2 steps ahead of everything that AMD can come up with?

smokysmoke4033d ago

Are you guys dumb? amd is a good system i have a AMD 6000+ 64 x2 Dual core and i love AMD's do you guys know or look up anything about this i know alot of people who work on things like this and i KNOW this is going to be good but think what you want intel sux ballz... intels quad core is a joke.... its like 2 celerons pout together to make 2

ChickeyCantor4033d ago

...don't call people dumb...

" amd is a good system i have a AMD 6000+ 64 x2 Dual core and i love AMD's "

....yeah nice argument...really.

GIJeff4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

dual core and quad core isnt enough to merrit spending 1000 dollars on intel's "amd killer". Money is better spent on graphics cards. you can get a small improvement on FPS in games, but not enough to make up for the 1000 price. Sure there are cheap quad cores, but they get stomped by cheaper dual cores.

and a 6000+ x2 is MORE than you need for all current games. The only thing thats going to make a considerable difference for that PC is to place a powerfuly GPU in it.

bootsielon4033d ago

It was a stupid move. The best gaming rigs were AMD + nVidia. Now they are Intel + nVidia when you would have expected that they would be AMD + ATI. nVidia and Intel on their own efforts are each raping AMD+ATI.

In the words of Smash Bros. fight narrator:


Skerj4033d ago

Yeah I've favored Nvidia over ATI since I had to begrudgingly switch to Nvidia when they bought out 3dfx. I don't see myself ever switching to ATI and I've purchased AMD chips exclusively for the longest time. I'm about to build a new art/rendering/gaming rig in June and I'm afraid I have to go with Intel this time for performance sake.

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