Review: Defenders of Ardania -- why I’ll never touch this game again (GamesBeat)

I’ll be honest with you. I did not finish Defenders of Ardania for this review — and I don’t intend to. Nothing short of a loaded bazooka to my head will make me go back to this ugly, boring mess of a tower-defense strategy game.

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NagaSotuva4095d ago

Man...and we all know Shoe loves tower defense games. *toilet flush*

shammgod4095d ago

How did they come up with the score 13?

Baka-akaB4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

Wich part of the game even nailed it +13 , if you hate it ? I dont get why people insist on those weird ratings uch as that , 1/5 ... 2/10 ... 5/20 ... if it's that bad give it a pure 00 , at least for the form

WolfLeBlack4095d ago

Ouch! Well, I'm having a lot of fun with it, personally. Normally I'm not in for Tower Defense games as I find them too simple to hold my interest, but Ardania offers a surprising of depth, though it does have a bit of a learning curve.

It's easy to assume the game isn't well balanced, which, to a degree, is true, because it's incredibly hard to stop some troops, but with a little experimentaion and planning you can find a counter tactic that works.

Not an absolutely stunning game, but certainly a good one.