VGChartz - European / Others Charts for Week Ending 30th December 2007

The American figures are not in yet so we can turn our eye to the European and Other (Oceanic Region) hardware figures. According to the infamous VGChartz, the only source for hardware figures outside that of North America - all consoles had a significant drop in sales in comparison to last week's holiday period, some as much by 50%. However, the console wars ensues with the PlayStation 3 on the heels of Nintendo's best selling Wii although most likely due to supply constraints. The PS2, and PSP are still strong however many will be surprised at Microsoft's numbers. No guesses as to which handheld dismissed the rest of the pack.

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MaximusPrime4038d ago

nice to see Europeans (and worldwide) still buying PS3 console.

UK is still the one PS3 has to beat. They should be able to crack it by August. Then Sony have PS3 dominating Europe.

TANOD4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

PS3 is already ahead of x360 by 60k

expect atleast 60k ps3 this week in JAPAN or just 7/8k x360s

so PS3 is on course to beat x360 by 110 000 units this week




Meus Renaissance4038d ago

DS: -44%
Wii: -39%
PS3: -32%
PS2: -26%
PSP: -34%
360: -34%

resistance1004038d ago

Not surprising the hoilday season is over now

wil4hire4038d ago

Ps3 7,439,788 1 Year
Xbox 360 10,194,334 2 Years.

TANOD4038d ago

However expect Wii to drop from EU charts this year

If you look at last week's UK charts then the best selling games were mostly either X360's or PS3's. not even i major wii game could make to to the top 5

It is good to see that some people of a SIGNIFICANT REGION is giving up with Wii ---a joke console in the era of photorealism (a trojan worm if u say)

Meus Renaissance4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

This is the reason why alot of people are positive with the PlayStation 3. Despite having an awful year in the media, and the high price of launch, the sporadic regional launches, and the lack of "great" AAA software - as TheMart will readily tell you - it is doing incredible. Microsoft reached 6million in just over a year. The PlayStation 3 will have sold atleast 8million in its first year (arguably more if you count Europe's year ends on March 2008), even with the great competition of Wii and Xbox 360.

What does this really mean though? The Xbox 360 was the gamers console of 2007 but the PlayStation brand, as Microsoft spoke of last week, is still the strongest. This gives Sony alot of breathing room, it's certainly saved their skins this year. It's interesting, the reputation of the PS2, that fanbase, has saved the PS3. Now 2008, the good times...

shrimpboat4038d ago

If you add the PS2, PSP, and PS3 to the equation. Sony is Winning in the Gaming Industry between them and Microsoft. Nintendo is the King for know but Im not convinced that the sales will hold up for 5 years.

shrimpboat4038d ago

Hardware Sales, 29th Dec 2007
Japan America Others Total
DS n/a 443,046 460,913 903,95 9
Wii n/a 325,762 284,155 609,9 17
PS3 n/a 143,771 246,814 390,5 85
PSP n/a 150,238 184,693 334,9 31
360 n/a 188,145 142,155 330,3 00

TANOD4038d ago

It would live for this year ATLEAST IN UK ONLY

i am expecting the same for wii.

As soon as MGS4 is launched in EU this March 2008 it will be over for the ps3's competition in EU and perhaps Japan

Bladestar4038d ago

You are such of blind sony fanboy... you actually went as far as to think that the US is included on the "Others Total"... actually thinking that the xbox 360 only sold 19,210 in the US and "Other" countries!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Dude, seriously it hurt me being the one bursting your bubbles.. but the US is not included in this numbers...

Soon you will see the American charts and you will simply be embarrased...

rofldings4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

"but the US is not included in this numbers... "

Go there, scroll down. Only Japan is not included yet.

"Soon you will see the Japanese charts and you will simply be embarrased..."

zambrota4038d ago

If you look at the VGCHARTZ

in terms of combined sales of EU and NA ps3 beats x360 by around 60 000 units

so expect atleast a 50 000 units difference when Japan numbers are in.

Therefore PS3 will beat x360 by around 110 000 units when the TOTAL WORLWDWIDE numbers are in ...look at the new numbers before commmenting

Cyrus3654038d ago

Bladestar, why do you comment, before even checking out the links, you make yourself look foolish.

Not that VGChartz is 100% accurate, but it's guess-work, that give you an idea how this week/month/year/etc. went down.

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jcgamer4038d ago

I'm lovin' my shiny new on and Happy New Year...

jcgamer4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

UT3, Warhawk, Uncharted, GTA4 pre-order, and Heavenly Sword...probably get Ratchet sometime this month...

EDIT: and whoever disagreed with me, I wish you a Happy New Year're gonna need

wil4hire4038d ago

Did you get COD4 already on the 360?

jcgamer4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Nope, haven't got COD4 yet...busy playing UT3 and soon Warhawk more...I haven't even started Uncharted! UT3 is just awesome...I'm a fan of Epic, what can i say...I will start Uncharted today...can't wait...and when I get COD4, it will be for the PS3...I'm lovin' my PS3, and I take back any "words" that we had on other on...

EDIT: @Barreldragon00
I PM'd you my PSN...check your N4G PM box

Barreldragon004038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I'll play you UT3, COD4 and warhawk add me
ID Barreldragon

Uncharted is amazing i let my friend barrow it for Christmas break and im regretting it so much.

bizi64984038d ago

when people disagree with someone who says he loves something.
"dude, you're wrong, let me tell you what you should love"

jcgamer: they're pissed off at you for being free, it annoys them when people exercise their own judgment and rebel because it reminds them of how conformist they really are.

The green shirts brigade is starting to smell like the talibans who can't stand diversity and dream of world assimilation from the bottom of their cave.

We are the xbots.
Resistance is futile.
You will conform.
Just like we did.

The more it goes, the more I love my ps3, and there's absolutely nothing they can do about it. Now that's gotta be annoying for them.

hardcorehippiez4037d ago

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